11 thoughts on “Hologram Visor Mod v 1.0

  1. Nefertiti

    noun: heads-up display
    a display of instrument readings in an aircraft or vehicle that can be seen without lowering the eyes, typically through being projected on to the windscreen or visor.

    Calling it a “hologram visor mod” is just confusing as it’s not a hologram and a windscreen is being used rather than a visor.

    1. furkansevke

      hi clever mrs. this is named definetely “hologram” because v2 will come with holograms.

      and Who said that on the GPS glass ? it’sstands on air.
      regards :)

    2. RegularJohn53

      Instead of pestering the comment section you should say thanks. Feel free to make your own mod if you don’t like it.

      1. Nefertiti

        LOL Dry your eyes, fellas.

        Still doesn’t explain the word “visor” Mr Clever ;D

        1. furkansevke

          kids are doesn’t know visor meaning. (gaming)

          1. Nefertiti


            Same picture, same name and talking about modding ETS2. It is you.


            As I said: “Don’t try to insult people, when you look like this..” LOL

  2. cool mod! please can you make options like zoom in and out, and making it bigger or smaller

  3. Nefertiti



    P.S. Don’t try to insult people, when you look like this..


    1. furkansevke

      wiki doesnt explain anything :D and this is not my account:DD


  4. mindset01

    its not workin for me

  5. Hawk Trucking Inc

    This is awesome please keep upgrading it. Thank You

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