HN Immersive Symbols

HN Immersive Symbols

This small mod replaces some default game models.

1_ Replaces the icons of the garage companies etc, by a sewer cover that you can place on the floor.

2_ Replaces the symbol for loading and unloading by traffic cones. To make a perfect shock make sure you get the rear wheels of the trailer to the rear cones.

3_ Replaces road termination barriers with invisible models

Please do not reupload. If you want to share my mod use my original link

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11 thoughts on “HN Immersive Symbols

  1. GameplayHD2015

    Video with this amazing mod:

  2. Habdorn, big thanks! Very interesting mod.

  3. The cones have a collision?

  4. Nice, thank you very much! :D

  5. Stan Smith

    Great Great mod man keep going

  6. Stan Smith

    Great mod keep going man

  7. Great mod! Will you also make one in ETS2? Thanks!

  8. Great mod. Bat is it possible to mark the first and the last traffic cones. I have problem to place heavy load on a free field. The green is not so good to see by day.
    Thank from Wadi 201

  9. Hi. This mod is compatible for 1.31 Update?

  10. great work love it.. hard sometime find out the front and rear. i think it would be nice if there was 3 cones in the rear to help you

  11. Ya no existe el mod.

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