Highlight Undiscovered Roads v 0.1

Highlight Undiscovered Roads v0.1 for American Truck Simulator

This package contains the Highlight Undiscovered Roads mod

You may not want to drive with this mod, but it sure can help you to discover the roads you did not drive on
It also can help mappers to discover their road mistakes

CU on the Road!



2 thoughts on “Highlight Undiscovered Roads v 0.1

  1. Doesn’t+work+anymore…+At+least+it+is+not+working+in+the+latest+version+of+ATS+(v1.30).+Are+you+planning+to+update+this+mod?

  2. Doesn’t work anymore… At least it is not working in the latest version of ATS (v1.30). Are you planning to update this mod?

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