Hella Rallye 300 for ATS 1.32.x

What is this?
Custom edit of the Hella Rallye pack by Niskarli.
Updated to work on the latest game version, includes new light-mask, flares, remade material setup, added second light bulb for low beam flare.

Since the SCS VNL comes with a proper light bar, it was time to release the offcial version for ATS. 🙂

= HQ 3d Model
= Custom Flares
= Custom Lightmask (low Beam and high Beam)
= 5 variants: Full Plastic/Paint, Plastic/Paint with Chrome Ring, Full Chrome
= 3 Reflector Colours: White, Yellow, Blue
= Covered Variant (no Light)
= 2 Lamp Types: Single & Dual Bulb

Make sure you have the aux lights enabled in the lights in-game menu (F4 on the keyboard).

obelihnio, Niskarli


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One thought on “Hella Rallye 300 for ATS 1.32.x

  1. I don’t know if you still support this mod, but would you please make it compatible w/ beta 1.39?

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