Headlight Options v1.3 1.44

– updated to 1.44
– restored “low_beam_color_specular:”

For lighting system introduced in v1.40
updated to 1.44 “part_type” (because of this update, you will experience some temporary glitches until you repurchase headlights)

This mod
– Adds choice of Halogen, LED, or Xenon headlights for all (and only) SCS trucks. (SCS includes headlight definitions; I made them available at the dealers.)
– Widens low beams’ angles.
– Lengthens high beams’ ranges.
– changes color intensities for led and xenon
– Also compatible with Joko_p’s mod “LED DRL + Sequential Blinker for WS 49X” (with permission)
Put this mod ABOVE Joko_P’s mod in Mod Manager.

Notes to EYT:
– anthem: led heat is missing
– mod version not checked for part_type

Eddie Yantz


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