12 thoughts on “Hawaii Map 2.0

  1. Old version, crash game :(

  2. 1.2.3 of ATS is what I am running
    I downloaded the Hawaii map
    it says it works with all maps I have NV,AZ, and California
    I activated the new map and started the game and it crashed before it even started
    I removed it and ATS loaded and worked fine
    it crashes my game!!

    1. Serena Lexington

      Same here, version 1.62.4(64 bit) crashed with this mod !!!

  3. Sorry I am running 1.62.4(64 bit)

    1. Chris Olson

      Dude you’re using ETS2, this mod is for ATS not ETS2

  4. Deputydawg

    Is this still the copy and paste #### that was posted previously?

  5. Works good on v1.28. I did have to make a couple of edits, but I managed to get my error log completely error free and stable.


    1. Any chance you can upload your fix for others to use? I’ve tried multiple times but it wont work for me.

      Thanks if you can

    2. If you have to edit, which most of us have no idea how to do, then the description of this map is pure ####. I run 1.28 and the latest versions of Coast to Coast and Viva Mexico. I have placed this map before, in the middle of, and after the other maps. All it does is crash the game and freeze my computer.

      This Mario guy is an #####. None of his maps have ever worked for me, and, from what I read they don’t work for most people. This guy really should be banned from uploading any more of his ####.

      1. I’d love to know how to edit a file so that it can run on the latest mod. I’ll have a look into it and see.

        I managed to get the Mario Map working when it was 1.26 and I drove around the Hawaiin Islands then. So when I saw this FIXED version for the latest patch I thought wow. But no….it wont work, sadly.

        Does anyone know Mario to tell him about this problem?

      2. This map never crashed my game. The edits I made were merely to take out warning in the error log about AI traffic and some other stuff when running Jazzy Packs. I’ve since moved on to the awesome Carlisle map (Dalton Highway) and I recommend that map as well.

  6. what a peace of #### Hawaii Map this map dose not work with all maps, crashes when loads, fix it or delete it. this is a wast of time.

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