Hammar Boxloader V1.2 by Akirix 3D


ATS 1.1.1.x

Hammar Boxloader with 8 cargos

z3d_base by Akirix 3D

Rebuilt by Roadhunter

Standalone Trailer with 8 cargo

Cargo : Boxloader Empty weight : 7 tons
Cargo : Boxloader 30ft Container weight : 20 tons
Cargo : Boxloader 20ft Kuehlcontainer weight : 18 tons
Cargo : Boxloader 20ft Container weight : 20 tons
Cargo : Boxloader 20ft Nitro Tank weight : 20 tons
Cargo : Boxloader 20ft Opentop weight : 20 tons
Cargo : Boxloader Plattform Traktor weight : 20 tons
Cargo : Boxloader Plattform Leer weight : 5 tons

– Skins 20ft Reefer, 20ftOpentop 20ft_Box by TSM Team
– 20ft Opentop / Base Container: by EED123 / Opentop version: Mr_Zer
– Traktor Giants Software
– Nitro Tank by Roadhunter
– 30ft Container / Skins: Nordich (remake Mr_Zer) / Model: Alex Antonov
– Plattform by Roadhunter
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Roadhunter, Akirix 3D, TSM Team and many more


10 thoughts on “Hammar Boxloader V1.2 by Akirix 3D

  1. T-H-A-N-K-S !

  2. Trailer browser error with it….the shadow image is missing

    1. I have no errors in my log when browsing or hauling this

  3. Could u make it for ets2 plz

    1. Asphroxia

      This is a convert from the ETS-2 version…

  4. Its a long time that i didnt go on ets2.lt becuz my internet had problem

  5. Sadly this md is NOT useable with Volvo 670. Will damage truck and cargo on sharp turns.

    1. as with many other trailers do with the Volvo, some changes must be made to collision , but this trailer works perfectly with stock models and the Pete389 by Viper2

      1. missing shadow on Beta 1.3 – easily fixed – if U add the automatfolder for the Krone Profi_Liner shadow in this mod, from the base.scs for ETS2 and create the folderstructure automat/39/ in this mod and then copy the ff7fdeb5d2ba6e67d2ca527275e982e61c6bc1.mat into it

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