GTM EPIQ Aerokit V1.6

Mod adds a set of brand new sideskirts and a new Daycab deflector.
Siceskirts come in multiple variants depending on chasis length:
-plastic sideskirts
-painted sideskirts
-exclusive variants (sleeper cabs only)
All have the aerodynamic parts in stock and paintable versions.
-added compatibilities for all chassis variants
-upon popular request added chrome variants of aerokits
-reworked “EPIQ” badge textures
-Mod is compatible with ATS1.6 ONLY

GT-Mike, SCS


4 thoughts on “GTM EPIQ Aerokit V1.6

  1. GT-Mike+How+can+I+install+this+mod+in+the+game.

  2. this is not downloading as an scs file?

  3. Gustavo Aguiar

    Please, update to 1.28 version!

  4. Please, updapte to 1.32 version :'(

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