Groupe Robert (Robert Transport Canada)


For all those Canadian and Quebec drivers out there here is a skin for the Volvo VNL 670 from Aradeth in the Groupe Robert Transport skin.

Groupe Robert is one of the most noticed transport and logistics carriers in Eastern Canada with many operation hubs located throughout the country.

Requires the
Volvo VNL 670 for ATS by Aradeth



15 thoughts on “Groupe Robert (Robert Transport Canada)

  1. hahaha wao ! finallement kekchose qui vient du Quebec XD hahaha well, yer rendu loin le ti 670 en californie :P mais nice skin et tres bien reussi :D

    thx men pour ce merveilleux travail Nascar_Perry :P


    *** Hahaha waow ! Finnaly something i can relate to from home here in Quebec XD hehe, the 670 is kinda far from home tho being out there in California/Nevada hehe

    Thx for this great skin Nascar_Perry

  2. De rien SaTheLaTe.

    Feels much nicer seeing this skin reflect back at you when driving it too :)

    I will be releasing an update later today to fix a few small white blemishes and add a decal to the door.

  3. Make more skins for VNL670 please. You have talent :)

    1. Thank You. I will be working on a few more, some for the VNL and other familiar trucks.

      Open to suggestions for companies using the Volvo VNL.

      I have plans to create ERB, but I am waiting for a International Eagle to try and keep it true to real.

  4. hello can you create Trailer Skin Robert Transport is my idea

    1. I was looking into it last night, it is something I will create to make it a group.

      1. awesome Perry :D

        cant wait for the trailers :P looks beautifull from the photos

        tu a surement steam ? sa serait nice dentrer en communication plus perso, jaime parler entre moddeur ;) moi je suis a letape de tweak et de sons mais sa entre doucement dans ma tete la :P

        Ajoute moi : Ethanyl ou sathelate si tu me trouve pas, donne moi ton nickname ;)

        Thx again man

      2. ….also trying to figure out dds related to 3D stuff so i can work on inside cab gauge to make them work linked with a real stats instead of being dynamicaly static like the brake gauges on the classic XL

      3. Trailer Pack is up.

        Two trailer variations for Groupe Robert included.

  5. Updated to Version 1.2

    Change Log can be found on new upload page V1.2

  6. Cool, thanks for that, I don’t know how to skin trucks but glad to see something local that I know!

  7. Working US combo units are needed. search us Trailer company photos on internet.plenty of ideas.

  8. carllehot

    Transport Gilmyr avec leur volvo serait nice sinon Groupe Guilbault !

  9. Gabriel and SaTheLaTe, it sure brings back memories seeing a Robert Transport frmm my time driving thru Quebec and Ontario while driving for Anchor Motor Freight out of Champlain, NY.

    How about Fortin out of Blackpool, PQ?

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