Groupe Robert (Robert Transport Canada) Trailers Pack

Robert-2 Robert-1 Robert-3

This pack gives you two trailers (box_long) in the Groupe Robert Transport skins. Trailers are assigned to “SellGoods” and “Bushnell Farms” trailers. This should give a good amount of trailers to select from but not overdo it. Also included is a generic white an generic black to give you some variety.

Works well with Trailer Replacement Packs made by other modders as it only replaces the “box_long” category of trailers, however give this one higher priority then theirs to ensure you see the skins.

Pairs very well with the Groupe Robert Transport Skin for the Aradeth Volvo VNL 670

Author: Nascar_Perry


6 thoughts on “Groupe Robert (Robert Transport Canada) Trailers Pack

  1. Good job, thanks for sharing!

  2. Rookie_One

    Look great!

    Will you do a Groupe Robert Skin sometime in the future ?

    1. Rookie_One

      For Trucks I mean

      1. there is already a Groupe Robert truck skin for a volvo vnl 670

  3. Good job. Gonna fit perfect for my VNL670

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