Great Dane Spread Axle


Keep the original link and credits.

Great dane spread axle

Version 1.3

-included 11 skins:
* bar-s foods
* bison transport
* butler (skin by paul stokes)
* blue bunny
* western
* henderson
* john christner
* merchants
* knight refrigerated
* skelton
* wel
-lightmask working
-all skins appears in traffic and quick jobs.

To install
1. Extract this downloaded file;
2. Put the scs file on ats mod folder;
3. Activate mod on your mod mananger
4. And drive

The authors 18 wos: ivan,chris,bayonet,rowan,kris,wendi,buckshot,slamauser,dm4472
Conversion for ats game trailer: b4rt
Leds pack by b4rt

Pleace helpe-me no reupload file, respect the original link pleace for new mods

Ivan, Chris, Bayonet, Rowan, Kris, Wendi, Buckshot, Slamauser, DM4472 and B4RT


9 thoughts on “Great Dane Spread Axle

  1. In every tigh turn this trailer is damaging itself and my Peterbilt 389 (Viper2). Sad, because he looks really great!

    1. nice…(or not) to hear someone else has this problem, don’t know what it is that causes this damage
      it doesn’t happen all the time, only in sharp turns as mentioned… down the onramp to highway for example

      have changed the chassi back (lowered/normal) and forth on my Peterbilt, but the damages occur eitherway. Can’t pinpoint the thing even when looking from the outside view directly at the trailer

      1. Well, can’t be without this so I tried the easy way and it worked….
        Had no problem with this Dane in ETS2 so I simply copied the


        from that release,
        and put in this …did some extensive driving and manuevering with the trailer and didn’t get any damages….so I think this is an solution. Don’t know how to check these files within, filesizes were different in some aspect, but If it works don’t bother I say :)

        1. did get a tiny error, no game-crashing so I only replaced the

          gd_spread_axle.pmc as that is the collision file if I’m not mistaken….

          well anyone can try what they want, hopefully this will be officially fixed as it is a GREAT Dane …

          1. me again :)
            afterall it isn’t the trailer or….!?…so I must apologize….. might be this particular truck (Peterbilt) – short chassi causing it….. probably collision that need fixing… I’m not a scientist so if not trying you’ll never know… ;)

            Nice trailer so keep updating this and all of your others, love the quality !

  2. Great job on this trailer. One of my favorites for sure. Any chance you guys could skin a BJ and the bear trailer to match my k100 by solaris and others? I found one on ets2 but its not quite right with the wheels and lack of front/rear paint. I can’t get it to work on ats. You guys always pay close attention to detail, so I thought id ask . I have never tried modding. Thanks

  3. Love this trailer. Thanks to all involved in making it. Is there a template available? I would like to try to make a Black and cream skin to match my viper 389 63″ flattop. Or I would be willing to donate (via paypal) if someone would be willing to make this.

  4. Just wondering if anyone else lost all skins but western skin for this truck with the new 1.4 patch? This is my favorite trailer, but right now I only have the one skin. Thanks

  5. Aventador

    who can update this trailers for 1.6 game version? because in 1.6 appears only 1 blue great dane

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