Great Dane 48′ Single, Doubles Trailer ATS 1.30x

Compatible and works with ATS 1.30.x

V4.0 of Old Great Dane trailer (Or V3.0 of double Great Dane Trailer).

New things:
-Fixes of all kinds;
-Reworked skin;
-Dolly has lights now;
-Baked textures for the trailers;
-Reworked materials



3 thoughts on “Great Dane 48′ Single, Doubles Trailer ATS 1.30x

  1. Que+tal,+descargue+el+mod+lo+instale+y+todo+va+bien,+solo+quisiera+saber+donde+encontrar+las+cargas?+en+que+empresa+o+que+lugar+en+especifico+es+que+salen?

  2. rht austria

    buenos dias
    hope i can help you in english and hope i get it right with google translate what you have written…
    well trailers work without problems on current beta build…only problem is like on ets2 with double trailers …when company prefab is too small the trailers are laying somewhere

    1. Ok muchas gracias buscare entonces en otras empresas

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