Great Dane 48′ Double Trailer v 4.0

V4.0 of Old Great Dane trailer (Or V3.0 of double Great Dane Trailer).

New things:
-Fixes of all kinds;
-Reworked skin;
-Dolly has lights now;
-Baked textures for the trailers;
-Reworked materials

Enjoy it!

invasor, MiguelAngel988, Crisan21, Siebel3D


5 thoughts on “Great Dane 48′ Double Trailer v 4.0

  1. Amazing work, thank you.

    -No error
    -HD textures

    Other fake modders must learn how to create a proper mod from you.

    Good job!!!

  2. I gotten every single version of these trailers and they always crash. What are some known mods that they conflict with? I’ve tried to use them in a complete stock game with only some essential mods in opinion like the realistic physics, mexico map, kriechbaum engine sounds, eaton fuller tranmission, w900 accessory pack, and real tires mod. I really like these trailers specially to drive in Mexico. Any help is apreciated

    1. TwistedLemon90

      You need a heavy cargo DLC for these trailers to work.

  3. DriverStein

    Video with this amazing skin:

  4. arath garcia

    oye necesito tener el dlc de las cargas pesadas por que no lo tengo y se me quita el juego es ese problema verdad

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