Great Dane 48′ Double trailer ATS – V3.0

V3.0 of Old Great Dane trailer (Or V2.0 of double Great Dane Trailer).

New things:
-Fixes of all kinds;
-More skins;
-Reworked textures/mats and 3D model;

Enjoy it!

invasor, MiguelAngel988, Crisan21, Siebel3D


25 thoughts on “Great Dane 48′ Double trailer ATS – V3.0

  1. Joshua Peterson

    This mod needs some work to do. I put it in my mod folder and it does not show up in the game’s mod manager. It’s a .scs file so I know where to put it but the mod manager decides not to show it. Fix this thing pronto.

    1. there’s something wrong with you pc/folder. I tested in here.

      1. Mod is corrupted for me. It took ages to download. In the end it instead of the 15 Mb file I was supposed to download, It ended up as a file of size 10 000 Ko exactly…
        Do you have alternate download link by any chance ?

  2. Joshua Peterson

    Well when I put all the other mods in, it works fine but when I put this mod in something fishy happens.

  3. Joshua Peterson

    Oh nvm I fixed my problem but don’t know what that tn_double is for. Maybe its the SCS double trailer?

    1. I know what is you problem. there’s a trailer full of bugs and it uses the same name of def of my trailer. The .SCS name of the mod is “Full de thermos” and something else

  4. fatfluffycat

    Works fine for me. Have you thought about doing 28′ doubles? I remember someone made them a while back but it acted as one trailer.

  5. Joshua Peterson

    Oh ok thanks sorry I snapped at the beginning.
    Is it simply bugs or is there more to it?

  6. Video with this amazing trailer:

  7. u should tuned down the flares

  8. Works fine for me. Have you thought about doing 28′ double trailers? Someone made a mod for a while back when the game came out, but it acts like a single trailer with no pivot.

    1. Smarty is already making some 28′ trailer.

  9. FPS Killer fix?

  10. cory barnett

    when i put it in the it show up all one color

  11. _Classic_

    Semi and drawbar trailers, excellent. Very nice work indeed. They look good and work well.

  12. Does this work without the DLC ? Or you can’t figure out what is/was happening with the shadows trying to load jeep from Fontaine trailer ?

    1. It needs the DLC to work properly.

    2. It needs the Heavy Cargo DLC to function the whole way. because i think the articulation is from the multi pivot the DLC brings.

  13. R & T Trucking

    @Siebel3D, This mod is the BEST Double Trailers so far PEROID!! Needs a little work on FPS Though, But their still the best so far, keep making them better Thanks!

  14. very good but i get all the time 60 fps,when i connect the trailers they come down to 40 instantlly..i will post video tommorow

  15. They work just fine for me. Only thing I find that could be added are the three red center marker lights on the rear. Maybe take some off the side to. Excellent work!!

  16. New video with this amazing trailers:

  17. Can you do the more common 28.5 ft doubles?

  18. I have an unusal request: could you do the Trailer with the ingame companys?
    The Trailer is great. Not easy to drive. A nice Challenge

  19. y ese full es para multi player!? o uno que recomienden para multiplayer porfavor

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