Great America v2.0 changelog:

-Whole nebraska roads rebuilded

-Some nebraska citys rebuilded(Lincoln,Broken bow)

-5 new city-town added in nebraska(colombus,o’neil,mullen,alliance,lindsay)

-Some roads all across map rebuilded.

-Ton of landscape and general improvements added.

-Adapted for 1.41 game version.

-Some interstate road curves adjusted.

-Dont forget extract .rar file .scs is inside



6 thoughts on “GREAT AMERICA v2.0

  1. The Download link goes to his website when you have to pay to get the download. So this is actually a “pay for” mod.

  2. Odin Asgarrd

    Sucks, doesn’t it!!

  3. Yes it does ####. As I understand it they are not allowed on ATSmods.LT.

    1. Someone should report this mod.

      1. It’s not even allowed on the SCS forums or in the ATS Steam Workshop. So why here?

  4. was hat dieser bezahl mod hier zu suchen,

    will kohle für etwas, und zwar richtig kohle für etwas, das nicht mal sauber funktioniert. der sollte sich etwas schämen.

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