Grayson Hunt Driver

Mod replaces standard male driver model to Grayson Hunt from Bulletstorm game. Clothes from Franklin Clinton, GTA 5.
For version: 1.31

– Model is not animated!
– I did this mod for myself based on my tastes and preferences.

Vault-Tech-Co: converting Grayson Hunt model from Bulletstorm (Electronic Arts & Epic Games) to XNALara;
thePWA: converting Franklin Clinton model from GTA 5 (Rockstar Games) to XNALara;
Chris Husky (Imperator3): adaptation to ATS.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember witcher medallion authors.

Chris Husky (Imperator3), thePWA, Vault-Tech-Co


One thought on “Grayson Hunt Driver

  1. Español:
    Podrias hacer uno con, bien peinado y con camisa blanca de vestir larga con corbata negra para aquellos que les gustan manejar en mod Bus Para que se vea realmente igual al ¡uniforme de trabajo de chofer de autobús!

    You could make one with, well-groomed and wearing a white long dress shirt with a black tie for those who like to drive in a Bus Bus so that it looks really the same as the bus driver’s uniform!

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