GATE anime (peterbilt 389 read discription!)

before you think huh but this is the peterbilt 389 yeah i know and sorry about that i cant find a kw w900 template so i made it for the peterbilt instead

i found a template but it dosnt have evrything like this peterbilt 389 template has

it didnt have the grill and i could only do it for the cabine the front was missing the back was also missing so imade it for the peterbilt instead

this is a gate anime mod made by me (krizzy090)
the mod – peterbilt 389! is from / made by viper2! so be sure to download the right truck! before you post dosn’t work!

i m going to upload a video about this truck skin to my youtube channel so if you like my work check it out :)

i also placed a watermark on evry truck i uploaded i will remove it when i have figured out how to upload to workshop anyway enjoy :)

if you have a request of anime or other skins go ahead :)

krizzy090 / viper 2


9 thoughts on “GATE anime (peterbilt 389 read discription!)

  1. i Have a request for vipers 389, i have the dds file,its a skin from hauling, how do i send you the file?

    1. Krizzy090

      you could upload it to mediafire :) i use that but dont share the link here send it to my email [email protected]

  2. try using this template on the scs kw900. it works for me

    1. krizzy090

      eeh dude is there not a full kw w900 template incuding front grill the full truck like the template of the peterbilt 389 from viper 2?

  3. sent it to your email thank you

  4. krizzy090

    thx :)

  5. hope you had permission from the author of the drawings to use them

    1. have the permision to use pics so please nobody else say anything about them i like them myself

  6. Hi i have a request, could you make a truck skin of Sachi from Sword art online?

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