Game Profile for ATS V1.35.1.27 V1

The game profile is suitable for all players (beginners, testers of modifications and multiplayer players) and for those who for some reason could not create their own personal game profile.
The profile was created without the use of modifications.
Profile supports all DLC ATS.
Preservation is present:
-Profile name ATS.LT;
-Garage Sacramento;
-Legend level;
-Garages 6;
-Trucks and Drivers 30;
-Trailers 15.
Profile suitable for Russian-speaking players and English-speaking players. Matching game settings.
Installation: Documents – ATS – profiles.
Have a nice game!
Posted by: Anas



2 thoughts on “Game Profile for ATS V1.35.1.27 V1

  1. you says “The profile was created without the use of modifications.”
    but this profile requires map DLCs that I don’t have (and others for example paintjobs), so sorry, but your file becomes useless. If you want to help, create a profile free of map expansions. I have Arizona and New Mexico, but not all users have expansions. So I say a profile without maps would be much more useful

  2. In fact, it would be much easier if a profile without DLCs map was made available, just the pure Vanilla, because each player would adapt to the DLCs they bought.

    Downgrades are more problematic than upgrades.

    This profile for tests is useful for me who has all the DLCs, thank you, but I’m only a percentage of the players. If was Vanill everyone could enjoy with the clean game.log.txt

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