Fullmetal alchemist alphonse elric and edward elric

fullmetal alchemist skin mostly alphonse though
well anyway enjoy this skin :D
you need the viper 2 peterbilt 389! dont post dosnt work if you have not tryed it or have the viper 2 peterbilt 389 installed

the skin is made by krizzy090 only

if you have a request of a skin only anime related skins is wat i will make! dont request complicated skins i m just a beginner and got into this recently i also have a youtube channel

krizzy090 / viper 2



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4 thoughts on “Fullmetal alchemist alphonse elric and edward elric

  1. kyle popovich

    nice skin its awesome in my opinions but hey can you make a infite stratos skin. If you seen that anime.

    1. krizzy090

      yeah i can make that i loved that anime also you can follow me on kitsu.io :)

  2. krizzy090

    i have replaced the skin with a watermark on the back :) so no one can upload it because they will see my name on it :D i have made it my self

    best regards the uploader and skin maker krizzy090!

  3. kyle popovich

    Sweet+man+and+by+the+way+nice+gate+skin+ur+an+awesome+guy+continue+on+ur+good+work+:).+And+yea+infite+stratos+or+the+future+diaries.+And+if+you+ever+need+any+skin+ideas+feel+free+to+ask+me+bud+:)[email protected]+if+you+wanna+chat+or+anything+man+just+keep+up+the+great+work!

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