Full Save Game ATS 1.38 (Full Map) MpModsDL

✅ Game Version: 1.38
✅ Added Western Star 49X Truck Exhibition

✅ Your Money : 999,999,930,368
✅ Level 1000
✅ Garage Count : 41 (All Garages)
✅ Driver Count : All Driver

✅ Support Idaho DLC (New)
✅ Support All Free DLC
✅ Support All Truck DLC
✅ Support Utah DLC
✅ Support Oregon DLC
✅ Support Washington DLC
✅ Support Mexico DLC

Move The 4D504D4F4453444C2046554C4C Folder To the Following Path
X:DocumentsAmerican Truck Simulatorprofiles



2 thoughts on “Full Save Game ATS 1.38 (Full Map) MpModsDL

  1. I saved it in the folder as suggested. After running the game, it would start over from beginning with no rank increase or money.

  2. I am not entirely sure why people share their save files that are “100%” since the game encrypts the saves based on the user GUID. So even if you do export your save its encrypted to your specific game. So the software will know the file is not yours to use and reject the save resulting in it asking you to make a new game save.. None of the these kinds of things work in 1.36+

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