5 thoughts on “Full Pipas Cromadas

  1. thank you for this very nice trailer.
    hope you will change the def file because you are using the same def as the great dane.
    if I must choose I go for the great dane single and double trailers + skins.
    so I realy hope you go to change the def file.
    thanks in advance.

  2. I ended up fixing the DEF files so i could use this with another trailer I use (the files conflicted), but once I did that this worked great. Thanks :)

    1. can you upload these files ?
      thanks in advance

    2. Yes, please share the file. I opened the folder and notice the same name as the Great Dane trailer, but how do you go about changing every name of that trailer on the def file?

  3. Nice freaking MOD!

    If it not too much to ask, can you make a Pipas Cromadas Road Train of 4-5 trailers?


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