22 thoughts on “FTI Transport

  1. Thanks Neil that is perfect!!!!!

    1. Glad you like it ….

  2. Looks great man!

    1. Thanks DC …you just need to do one of your great trailers to go with it :)

      1. Was that a “hint”? lol You really want me to make one?? :) If so, if I can find some good pics of the trailer side, trailer doors pic to see what the real one looks like, and logos all should be good to go. It doesnt look too involved.

        1. i can sort you the logo out with a decent dimension and the trailer well thats super uncomplicated :)


        2. here is a link to the logo


          i would imagine the rear is the usual two logo job as for the rest its a phone number .you can make one up :) and then the trailer number …see what you can put together it aint gotta be perfect :)

        3. I found some images, but no screenshot anywhere of the trailer doors on the real life trailer.

          1. M G Verkaik

            They have a yard about 10 min. from here. If i have time ill take a run over there a grab some pics for ya.

          2. cheers Verkaik…..

          3. Thank you very much M G Verkaik, that would be great if you can and appreciated. I would hate to just totally make up the trailer doors. lol I try to keep it similar to the real thing as best I can…at least a similar layout plus my signs. But if you can’t, no worries man. I could still make a decent layout for you all, it just won’t be as realistic compared to actual trailer doors.

    1. Thank you Fidiuss. I will download the links u sent asap. I plan to work on it between this evening and the weekend sometime I hope. , but probably more to the weekend as I woke up feeling terrible this morning. Soon as I get ‘er done I will post it up though. :)

      1. take your time man no rush

        1. Trailer is done man. It will be up tomorrow i’m guessing since I just uploaded it. I didn’t do a truck since you have a great one already. Truckers can pair my trailer up with your truck making the combo and do some good ol’ longhauls. I hope you like it! :)

  3. Nice! Dad used to drive for them.

  4. How about a”pam” company truck with their trailer. see them all the time.

    1. See PAM here too quite a bit actually. i found some good pics and images of the real trailer today and it looks very doable if i can find good images to download for it to place on the skin. i might do a trailer later for it possibly. maybe a combo with W900 next time i skin after the FTI trailer. i actually thought about doing one before when i was skinning in ETS2.

      1. DC ill do a PAM for the classic (or attempt to ) :) you could if you have time do a combo with the W900 which would be cool…..

        1. ok man, I will see what I can come up with.

  5. PAM would be cool for this truck!!!!

    1. PAM …will be done shortly though there are variations of the PAM decals etc :) leave it with me ….

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