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FTI Transport

Date 2016-03-23 20:08


FTI is a freight business with routes serving Eastern/Central United States and Ontario/Quebec.



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  1. Andre

    Thanks Neil that is perfect!!!!!

  2. DC-David

    Looks great man!

    • DC-David

      Thank you Fidiuss. I will download the links u sent asap. I plan to work on it between this evening and the weekend sometime I hope. , but probably more to the weekend as I woke up feeling terrible this morning. Soon as I get ‘er done I will post it up though. :)

      • take your time man no rush

        • DC-David

          Trailer is done man. It will be up tomorrow i’m guessing since I just uploaded it. I didn’t do a truck since you have a great one already. Truckers can pair my trailer up with your truck making the combo and do some good ol’ longhauls. I hope you like it! :)

  3. Buzz

    Nice! Dad used to drive for them.

  4. james

    How about a”pam” company truck with their trailer. see them all the time.

    • DC-David

      See PAM here too quite a bit actually. i found some good pics and images of the real trailer today and it looks very doable if i can find good images to download for it to place on the skin. i might do a trailer later for it possibly. maybe a combo with W900 next time i skin after the FTI trailer. i actually thought about doing one before when i was skinning in ETS2.

  5. Andre

    PAM would be cool for this truck!!!!

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