Frosty Winter Weather Mod v1.0


This mod simulates winter.

Key Features
Winter weather and lighting
Snow/Sleet instead of rain
Winter daylight hours
Early morning fog

No physics mod has been applied so the trucks will drive as normal.

Compatibility Latest Version: 1.0, 1.1

Frosty is a weather and graphics mod so other weather, HDR and environmental graphics and sound mods should be disabled.
Frosty should be given a HIGH priority in Mod Manager.

Recommended Settings
HDR: Enabled
Color Correction: Enabled
Vegetation Detail: High
Grass Density: High



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10 thoughts on “Frosty Winter Weather Mod v1.0

  1. California winter Is that really ?

    1. Deputydawg

      There’s a first time for everything.

    2. Randy K Hudson

      Not for the full state, Only in the far north and the Sierra Nevada Mountains,
      Of the very rare snow fall else where, it would only be on the ground for a few hours.
      But, with that said, I’ve used this mod in ETS 2 and it looks very nice, If someone did want to include snow into there game, this would be the mod to use.

  2. Eeeeeee , winter in Nevada ?! What’s wrong with Earth , cataclism or nuclear war …. . I know . We play Fallout !!!

  3. Video: ATS MODS: Frosty Winter Weather Mod v 1.0 (American Truck Simulator)

  4. Black Wolf Fine mod,but the indian skin in the video is cool,and where can I find it ? Maybe it’s priv ?

  5. Trucker_bob

    nice mod!

  6. Please update Frosty for ETS2 v1.25x. Thanks…

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