Freightliner FLB v1.1 edited by Harven for ATS 1.5

This version of FLB is based on Solaris36 edit for ATS. I spent a lot of time fixing/improving/polishing it and I think I’m finally ready to share it with you :). The list of changes is very long because I wanted to make this truck as good as I could, not just fix errors so it’s playable. There are still some things I would like to improve (so expect another version!).
In ETS2 you can buy the truck at Iveco EU dealers, in ATS at Kenwoth. In case you have any other FLB trucks, sell them before installing this mod, you will probably get lots of errors otherwise.

I also made separate mini-mods to support all available steering wheels. If you own some of those DLC, just download appropriate scs files and place them above the truck file in the mod manager screen.

– Dragon DLC support: DOWNLOAD

Modified skin template (it’s compatible with previous FLB version but adds some more skinable parts):

And finally here is the changelog:

Harven’s changes (for ATS 1.5 and ETS2 1.26):
– Cleaned game log,
– Fixed OpenGL errors (works on mac & linux),
– Advanced coupling with collisions,
– Fixed black mirrors,
– Steering wheel customization (support for Steering Creation Pack DLC (ATS), dragon wheel (ATS) and SISL wheels),
– Support for all interior accessories DLCs (ETS2),
– Steering wheel adjustment,
– Fixed steering wheel rotation (900 degree rotation, was 720),
– Redone all interior animations,
– Improved dashboard – (removed gear indicator, added turbo, brake application, suspension load and mpg gauges, added analog clock, added more labels, etc.),
– Made the 4×2 chassis a bit longer so cabin will no longer collide with a trailer,
– Replaced all engines with new ones made by me (those are a bit older engines: cat 3406, cummins n14 and detroid diesel series 60) all with torque curves (more or less accurate) and other parameters taken from specifications,
– Engine displacement values added to the engine name labels,
– Reworked engine sounds (3 different sets of sounds for cat, cummins and detroit),
– Removed other non standard sounds (like brakes, gear noises etc.). Use your favorite sound mod instead :)
– Removed SISL’s accessories. You can still use them by subscribing to SISL’s Mega Pack at Steam Workshop, but they are no longer provided with this mod. That way the mod weights less and you will get updates to accessories when SISL releases them,
– Better balanced parts prices, added progression,
– Changed the way you choose the truck chassis. It generates “Redundant wheel accessory” (harmless) error message in the console when switching from 4×2 to 6×4, but it’s more flexible. Now you have a choice of 6 chassis: three 4×2 and three 6×4. Each variant has three different fuel tank sizes (180, 220 and 260 gallons), and of course truck weight differ between each configuration,
– Added passanger side mirror,
– Reworked chassis texture – it no longer looks damaged and old,
– Replaced 5th wheel with SCS one,
– Fixed rear axles alignment with wheels,
– Fixed interior camera rotation (you still can move to the bed but the view will no longer clip through the cab back wall),
– Added customizable front fenders (plastic, painted, chrome),
– Replaced roof lights with customizable lights slots,
– Added slots for horns,
– Added optional roof wing,
– Added back window glass and far small window glass (so it shows rain droplets),
– Fixed truck UI shadow,
– Added some other missing in-game shadows,
– Lowered engine oil pan so there is no longer an empty odd looking space between front wheels,
– Added missing icons,
– Added more detailed headlights,
– Fixed fuel tanks straps (they are no longer loose ;),
– Added painted tanks option (with chrome straps),
– Added tanks, front bumper, front bar, fenders and mudflaps holders to the skin UV map (see ESO skin),
– The handlebars next to the doors are now chrome,
– Changed seats profile, now looks like a person can actually sit on them ;)
– Scaled seats texture mapping, so now it looks more detailed,
– Other minor fixes.

Solaris36’s changes:
– Kenworth dealership (2 slots),
– Fully standalone,
– Insufficient buffer warning fixed,
– Redundant wheel accessory warning fixed,
– Updated all old format models,
– A lot of minor fixes,
– Upgraded,
– Accessories,
– Truck desktop,
– Quick jobs on 6×4 and 4×2,
– Clean gamelog!!

Needs minimum 1.5.x ATS, 1.26 ETS2 game version.


Truck: Harven, Solaris36, Sliipais, SCS Software, odd_fellow, ventyres, vitalik062.

Skin “ESO” by Harven’s Wife.
Skins “Pure vintage” by Skiner.
Skin “Terminator 2” by NZ_Truck_Modder.

Interior stuff by: SiSL & JeyJey.

Sounds by the Great Kriechbaum and odd_fellow.


Harven, Solaris36, Sliipais, SCS Software, odd_fellow, ventyres, vitalik062, Skiner, NZ_Truck_Modder, SiSL, JeyJey, Kriechbaum


28 thoughts on “Freightliner FLB v1.1 edited by Harven for ATS 1.5

  1. Hi
    Looks great, just a small typo error that will make the game crash when choosing a Cat engine in def/sounds/interior : reverse : r instead of reverse: reverse (because r already stands for retarder)
    Thanks for the wheel misalignment fix among others.
    I just regret optional colours on a classic stripes paintjob (like SCS).

    1. Hey Jesan,
      thanks for letting me know about that CAT eingine bug, here is a hotfix: I will include it in the next version.
      What you mean about optional stripes colours? You can just leave them at default ;)

      1. Would you ever consider making a CLT9000 from the Freight Liner Chassis if i sent you the cab as i am stuck in ZModler with it and im to Old to learn that program anyway gives me a migraine

    2. The game crashes no matter what engine I try.


    Thanks you very much for this mod. I know how much time and effort it takes to do all these work. We appreciate your contribution to the modding community.

    Keep on modding!

    Thanks again.

  3. Hey guys,
    thanks for all the kind words and thanks Jesan for letting me know about the bug. Funny thing is that in ets2 version I did it right :) So here is a hotfix for the Cat engine crash:
    This is my second comment with the link, don’t know why my previous one is gone.

    Why do you regret it, Jesan? You don’t have to change the colours if you don’t want to :)


  5. @Harven
    Just noticed I can change the cab base colour on the classic paintjobs.
    I meant it’s not possible to change for example cab ground colour AND stripes colour
    at the same time but no prob, it’s fine as it is.
    Sorry for misunderstanding.
    ps : collision issues can happen when trying to hook some modded trailers like the B4RT Maximizer tipper .

  6. Thanks, would love to see a long chassis down the road too

  7. @Harven : Just noticed that the 5th wheel is now a bit low (kingpin is visible)
    Maybe you can use the default node values (like on GT Mike’s t800) ?

  8. rene nate

    few issues i found , kingpin, no horns accessories for roof , interior sound does not match the outside , and u should add better engines and trans … my opinion thanks

  9. @Harven is there a way i can get in contact with you,might have a idea you might be interested in.

  10. @jesan, I will fix the 5th wheel, when I tested it with vanilla pipes trailer the gap was almost unnoticeable. Let me know with which trailer the kingpin is visible.

    @rene nate, probably some other mod is messing with horns, try to disable other mods half by half to track down the bad one :). I know about the sound mismatch but only one engine brand is affected by it I think. About better engines, I did some research and I believe there were no better engines for this truck at the time (but I may be wrong, give me some reliable proof and I shall add this better engine :)).

    @Pauly and anyone who wish to get in contact with me, this is my truckersmp profile: you can find my steam accout there (and other social media ;)).

  11. @Harven
    I will keep testing with default scs but the one I tried is the chrome reefer by Piva (which is the default SCS + chrome – the 48″ reefer with the tandem located at the rear end.
    Actually it looks like you say but in ETS2 (almost unnoticeable gap)

  12. Amazing mod and thank you for the Detroit Diesel, those motors are my Life! I own a 82 K10 with a Detroit Diesel 6.2L in it. great motor.

    Hope you can edit the K100 for v1.5 with Detroit Diesel in it too! thanks

  13. Hey guys,
    I made a threat at scs forums, we can continue all discussions there:

    @82kbody, that’s a nice cabover! Looks like the mod is abandoned and needs some more love than just a new DD engine. Hold my beer… ;)

  14. Turbodiesel

    Amazing job on this Harven finally a version that works god bless you

  15. This+mods+makes+my+game+CTD+when+customizing+purchase.+Every+time.

  16. KontiovaaranJuhani

    The game still keeps crashing when those mods, FLB and hotfix for CAT engines are enabled.

  17. EndEffect

    CATERPILLER engine is not working on the truck.

  18. Twist3d Drift3r

    I keep having an issue where the cab of the truck acts like a bobble head whenever i try to accelerate any idea why this is happening?

  19. very good,but i want 800hp engine….550 too slow@_@
    i in ETS2 FLB useing 800hp…

  20. the link for the template doesn’t seem to work?

  21. RITrucker

    If you want it so bad, install it yourself. It isn’t all that hard. DO NOT make lists of demands to modders. This is why we release less and less. Between this and thieves…..stop it. Not a good look.

  22. Lovely this truck, really Amazing!
    Tested with version 1.37 and I have not encountered any problems!
    Thanks again and keep it going!

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