Freightliner FLB Silver Eagle Skin

Silver-Eagle-1 Silver-Eagle-2

This is only paintjob for Freightliner FLB

I hope you like it

People, respect my work, if you upload this mod in your web pages, using my, genuine sharemods link, pleace. Thank you.

Author: sliipais


5 thoughts on “Freightliner FLB Silver Eagle Skin

  1. Hey Sliipais! please can you do Jim Palmer Trucking Skin not rusty!

  2. For freightliner FLB ?

  3. thx buddy alot for your work , thank you for not being selfish and for sharing your work with us !!

  4. Yes Sliipais Freightliner FLB please ! Black Palmers is very nice #### not too Rusty! i need also Palmer skin Kenworth ATS models #### i not sure do it Kenworth skin?! because Paul is too busy at momenth! sorry bad English!

  5. ChrisTrucker

    Please could you do P.I.E For the Freightliner FLB Please :)

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