Freightliner FLB Reskin with Sherman Bros. paintjob


This is completely retextured paint’s for Freightliner FLB

ColoredRims by – BarbootX
Truck model by – odd_fellow

I hope you like it

People, respect my work, if you upload this mod in your web pages, using my, genuine sharemods link, pleace. Thank you.



8 thoughts on “Freightliner FLB Reskin with Sherman Bros. paintjob

  1. But why has your password?

    1. Because I like that .

  2. Nice skin, but how about the interior ? In picture looks good but in the game there isn’t ?

    1. Set this mode a higher priority than the mode of the truck.

      1. It worked, thanks :)

        1. How’s look , better or not ? ))

          1. Really nice :) dont like to be honest shiny trucks :D

          2. Hi M8 is there any chance you could do a simple skin with just like this one/ the Absolute Badass Skin which we could then overlay on top of our own skins


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