Freightliner FLB edited by Solaris36


Kenworth dealership (2 slots).
Fully standalone.
Insufficient buffer warning fixed.
Redundant wheel accessory warning fixed.
Updated all old format models.
A lot of minor fixes.
Truck desktop.
Quick jobs on 6×4 and 4×2.
Clean gamelog!!

Need minimum 1.2.x ATS game version.


Truck: Solaris36, Sliipais, SCS Software, odd_fellow, ventyres, vitalik062.

Skins “Pure vintage” by: Skiner.

Skin “Terminator 2” by: NZ_Truck_Modder

Interior stuff by: SiSL & JeyJey.

Sounds by the Great Kriechbaum.



Other works:

Solaris36, Sliipais, SCS Software, odd_fellow, ventyres, vitalik062, skiner, NZ_Truck_Modder, SiSl, JeyJey, Kriechbaum


39 thoughts on “Freightliner FLB edited by Solaris36

  1. Thanks for this!

  2. Thanks for another epic looking mod Solaris, but can it be possibly you release a K200 mod or K108? Since you already have the K100

  3. this mod make some conflict – if use with other truck mods it removes all kenworth dealers from map…. with Sliipais edition this was not

    1. solaris36

      Please paste gamelog

  4. Mad_Driver

    There is a problem with the adjustment of the seat so you can do which will be a limit to how one can adjust the seat back?

    1. solaris36

      I think you’re talking about the limit of the inside camera, traversing the rear panel. It´s not?
      It will be fixed for a future release. Thanks for informing. :-)

  5. Thanks for the update, but errors in the show room when choosing pipes —
    00:12:05.840 : [fs] Failed to open file “/material/ui/accessory/pipe01.mat” in the read_only mode
    00:12:05.840 : [material] Can not open ‘/material/ui/accessory/pipe01.mat’
    00:12:05.862 : [fs] Failed to open file “/material/ui/accessory/pipe02.mat” in the read_only mode
    00:12:05.862 : [material] Can not open ‘/material/ui/accessory/pipe02.mat’
    00:12:05.863 : [fs] Failed to open file “/material/ui/accessory/pipe03.mat” in the read_only mode
    00:12:05.863 : [material] Can not open ‘/material/ui/accessory/pipe03.mat’
    00:12:05.863 : [fs] Failed to open file “/material/ui/accessory/pipe04.mat” in the read_only mode
    00:12:05.863 : [material] Can not open ‘/material/ui/accessory/pipe04.mat’

    1. solaris36

      Take note. It is strange because in the ETS2 version thumbnails leaks are present. If you want and know how, here they are. Just add the contents of this file in “material / ui / accessory” folder:

      Thank you for reporting the issue. :-)

  6. solaris36

    I note. I don’t know how but there are 4 thumbnails missing…

    Download this and put all files on “materia/ui/accesory” folder.

    Sorry. :-)

  7. love the truck, love the inner cabin animations, love the suspension adjust, hate the motor sound. Thanks!

  8. American Stig

    Cool Truck! Better version of the FLB. Not as twitchy when driving. Thanks to whoever added the JNR-SNR Swag! Good Job. I will show it to Senior and he will more than likely approve. JNR-SNR Gaming Hype!

    1. solaris36

      Yeah!! :-)

  9. Very nice mod, but can I ask what are the differences between close and windowed interiors?

  10. solaris36

    Windowed version have a window on right door and in rear panel. Choose windowed and look around in external view :-).

  11. No problem! Now exactly! Thanks again!

  12. I hope this version has headlights, because sliipais’ edited flb didn’t lighten the road at nights.

    BTW this is a nice truck thanks for the mod…

    1. solaris36

      It´s ok? :-)

  13. Freightlinerfan

    Hi solaris36,

    Great update but can the following be addressed?

    1. Add the roof addons back in including the FLB horns that are in the original;

    2. Put back in the side mirror

    3. I haven’t seen a template to flip over the old skins, or ability to add them in with the current mod

    4. Possible to switch between chassis in the truck stop?


    1. Freightlinerfan

      Thanks for your reply below Solaris. Understand on the chassis, the roof and the skins are the bits I’m most interested in.

      The rest of the mod is great though, I am really liking the bumpers, the interior and wheels. They are really stand out great upgrades.

  14. Animetruckin

    Can I run this Mod with the other FLB one too?

    1. solaris36

      U can try but i think not works o.k.

    2. solaris36

      I will study about the addons you comment.
      The 4×2 and 6×4 chassis are in separate slots to prevent gamelog warnings. I prefer only 1 slot but shows warnings about wheels and I don’t want gamelog warnings, so the better option are 2 independent slots, than 2 different trucks.

      1. solaris36

        Sorry, this reply are for Freightlinerfan.

  15. just loaded this current version have to say great truck to drive have all ways loved this truck and and all the extras as well and the skins as well.Keep up the great work.Cheers

  16. Very+nice+mod.+The+only+thing+that+bothers+me+is+the+rusty+looking+frame.++Do+you+think+you+will+give+the+frame+a+nice+clean+finish+with+the+next+update?

  17. i havent download this mod yet just was wondering if the girl in the picture comes with the truck? lol

  18. I wish all the other trucks came with these customization options, love them

  19. Hi
    Thanks Solaris for this great truck
    May I suggest 2 things ?
    1/ Possibility to change the colours of the classic paintjobs at will (as in ATS/ETS)
    2/ 5th wheel incorrect hook pb with most trailers (visual)
    It seems the original author did not modeled the 5th wheel correctly : the frame base is missing and it is too low.Can you remodel it or at least adjust hooking node ?

  20. Hey Solaris You Should Make Some FLB Day Cabs that will be so Awesome if you could do it :)

  21. Any update for 1.3 ?
    Please fix camera azimuths and if you’re able to, adjust 5th wheel node and put this #### thing in horizontal position, lol.
    Many thanks

  22. it loads with no skin and then crashes the game when i try to customize configuration any suggestions

  23. Hi !
    I activate this mod but i don’t see truck in Kenworth dealership….
    I have not any other mod…
    Why that?

  24. “Need+minimum+1.2.x+ATS+game+version.”+

  25. Dr. Richard Heade

    Crashes the game in v1.4.4, can you sort it out please, it’s a fab truck.

  26. Hello, the link of the download isn’t available now, can you make an other for the truck? :)

  27. Thunderman94

    Mirrirs not working. Is it possible that you can update the mod and fix the problem?
    I love this truck and would love to drive it in the future. :)

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