Freightliner Coronado + Trailer for ATS 1.4.x

freightliner-coronado-1 freightliner-coronado-2

Buy in – Peterbilt.
Added in Quick Job.

Adapted for 1.4
-added 5-speed gearbox.
-Change The two engines with more powerful:
cat13_380 1500 hp
cat15_500 2,000 hp
-added 13 new skins.

The name of the tabernacle Freightliner Coronado and authors:

1. Freightliner Coronado Leeanna Vamp: Grinder
2. Frightliner Coronado Avatar: LG Truckerlady
3. Freightliner Coronado Aeroflot: serega22
4. Freightliner Coronado TLESgames: TLESgames
5. Freightliner Coronado Knight Rider: LG Truckerlady
6. Freightliner Coronado “Over The Top”: LG Truckerlady
7. Freightliner Coronado B62-UPS: Bobbo662
1. Freightliner Coronado DHL: Lucasi
2. Freightliner Coronado UPS No Stripe: Lucasi
3. Freightliner Coronado UPS With Stripe: Lucasi
4. Freightliner Coronado Monster Energy: BarbootX
5. Freightliner Coronado B62-CORONADO FTLR DHL TS 01: JJET, Bobbo662
6. Freightliner Coronado Red Bull: BarbootX
+ Added themed trailer to Freightliner Coronado Monster Energy: BarbootX

Authors of the model: Stas556, dmitry68, Nekit73rus , Kriechbaum, knox_xss. other: TLESgames, Idamasce, Jean-Pierre, Lucas Candido. Skins Authors: “Western Stornms Transportation Inc” – David Otto, Joe Smith “Bison Transport” – Bison Transport Bug fixes, upgrade and change to the ATS version 1.4.x: groningen263

DOWNLOAD 97 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 97 MB [Uploadfiles]

13 thoughts on “Freightliner Coronado + Trailer for ATS 1.4.x

  1. When classic truck White Freightliner or Pete 352 or Kenworth K123 ??? Please….

  2. Arc Angel

    Are 1,500hp and 2,000hp the only engine options?

  3. 5 gearbox is a 250km/h speed limit? Because i use old version of this truck and i have this gearbox with 2500 engine. 2k is more powerful?

  4. i think this verison is the same like old one. when i replace it. my truck still with me. with cargo, paintings. and i didn’t saw new paintjobs at workshop

  5. file size is equal of both versions.

  6. Интересно когда нибудь сделают для этой Сраной!!! Америки нормальный мод, не испорченный какой нибудь фигней ненужной?Знаю только 2 мода это VNL670 и Кеша 660t у которого есть все коробки а 18 нету “Косяк!”!!!И как ездить на этом Тягаче если я не могу настроить и увидеть зеркало заднего вида?Из за этого на нем даже ездить не хочется!!!

    1. Mr. Tannill

      “Сраной!!! Америки”? (с)
      It some kind of indoor patriotic sh*t?

  7. Левое зеркало чёрти где – ничего не меняется ! Что нового то ? Движки 2000л.с.?

  8. Is there a way to create a stretched version of this truck please?

  9. Can someone make the 2013 model, that would be a great addition

  10. Please update this excellent truck mod for 1.28.
    It’s my favourite, I only use this.
    Thank You!

  11. Raindrops not working please update this great truck

  12. is this truck cable ready?????

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