Freightliner Coronado ABCO Transportation Skin

ABCO-Transportation-1 ABCO-Transportation-2 ABCO-Transportation-3

ABCO refrigerated blue livery for the Freightliner Coronado Mod by Authors: Stas556, dmitry68, knox_xss, update – vitalik062 should work on any version of the game or other Coronado’s

Author: Fidiuss


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11 thoughts on “Freightliner Coronado ABCO Transportation Skin

  1. Thanks :) just 1 more for today to come from A&R Logistics :) and thats me burnt out for a Sunday :)

  2. Wow! You’re on fire, dude! Thanks! :)

  3. Fidiuss go out and hire a staff to assist so you can drive your trucks to New York and back. Great skin, thanks again. On to the next download !!

    1. hahah thanks James :)

  4. manifest.sii ??!!!

    1. When you can skin or mod then get back to me mate :)

  5. Good job, realy im a volvo fan but you still did a good job on this one as well =P

    1. :) the Volvo is such a good truck Nylha.. if you want this on the 670 i can do this for you :) let me know !

      1. Haha its alright! i have your white version on the 670, but anyways! all my truck have the armour skin you made me so im not all into using others but i do appreciate thanks !

        1. Your welcome…..just shout me if you need anything else in the future !

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