Freightliner Classic XL v 4.7.0 for ATS [1.28.x]

Offline. The Dealership Kenworth
Prescribed in the company
Fixed some skins
Steering wheel Added to the DLC

Test on version 1.28.x

Softclub-NSK, Oleg Conte, Sergej Baltazar, dmitry68, Kriechbaum, Odd_fellow, Ventyres, memes, John Ruda, Drive Safely, Sliipais, Danex.


16 thoughts on “Freightliner Classic XL v 4.7.0 for ATS [1.28.x]

  1. Screw you for leaking a great paid mod that was getting monthly updates. Thank you so much for screwing the community some more. U are the reason modders are going private and staying private.

  2. Frank Drake

    When activated, all my trucks interior turn pink… :(

  3. Dragster94

    Hello I would like to inform you that it is a mod sold that was leaked thank you

  4. Remove this link it’s payware mod!!!!!!

  5. how do you make it a SCS file? it downloads as a rar file for me

    1. rar can work as well.
      If you want you can even rename it to .scs, no problem. But check inside first if there’s a scs file or not.

      1. thanks man

  6. Paid mod? from where? a facebook page? well, too bad. At least, RTA has a proper web site FFS.

    1. Paid mod by John Ruda on Facebook ;)

  7. it’s not even a good mod ha ha haha don’t know why it was going to be payware

  8. Who is the real author of this mod? I’d like to pay them what their asking for it and get legit updates… Thanks.

  9. Make the same comment for other stolen/re-uploaded FREE mods, you hypocrites!

    You paymod slaves!
    Respect to every mod!

  10. PrimeLogic

    When I use this Truck, all of the “Left Turn Traffic Lights” become disabled. Is there any known way to fix this? Thank you for the Truck by the way :)

    1. Sotka_GER

      Must confirm that issue!

      Watch here please (german):

      The mod itself looks great!


  11. link sory

  12. Truckercharly

    Never ever I would pay for a version of the Freightliner Classic XL. Why? Because it exist hundreds of free versions. Why I should pay for only reworked old mod, when I can become much free versions?

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