Freightliner Classic XL Update for v1.4.1

Date 2016-09-16 08:58


Updated to 1.4.1 game version.
Advanced couple feature ready.
Fixed mirrors.
Fixed mainglass position.
Fixed some accessories position.
Reduced reflections inside cabin.
Added Canadian license plates.
Corrected glass_set accessories positions.
New parts.
New front grill.
New interior.
2 new steering wheel.
Option paint steering wheel.
option steering knob
Fix error animation steering wheel.

Credits: Custom Truck ATS,Solaris36, Softclub-NSK, Oleg Conte, Sergej Baltazar, dmitry68, Kriechbaum, Odd_fellow, Ventyres, John Ruda, memes, John Ruda, Drive Safely, Sliipais. Skins by: Skiner, Direct Modding, Lucasi, Wadethe3rd, Pauly, Imperator3, MixaSen, TKK5050-3Chome, LucasI_, EviL.


11 Responses to Freightliner Classic XL Update for v1.4.1

  1. wiseguy

    this mod isn’t showing up in my game I dwnld it, placed it in the mod folder, and noticed that in my mod manager there was no picture or anything it its description. when I load my profile it doesn’t show up in any dealer. Is anyone else having this problem? any solutions?

    • Cinas

      Open Win Rar archives , you’ll see a folder , its too open and will file .scs. Click ” unzip it to a folder” – American Truck Simulator -mod and… done.Very cool truck.Thanks guys.

      • wiseguy

        Thanks for the response but i did all that the first time except i used WinZip..but i figured it out it was a different issue. This is a great mod tho.

  2. osman

    Nowadays everybody calls themselves as modder, lol.

    Have you ever check your game log before uploading the mod, dear Custom Truck ATS ? It’s full of red errors. Remove truck_config_scene too. It’ll ruin the other mods.

    At least fix the errors before stealing and reuploading others hardwork.

    Guys like you are bugs for this modding community!

  3. Imperator3

    Please fix skins pixelation:
    It is very ugly and can be seen on either skins regardless of resolution.

  4. Solaris36! You would be better engaged in traffic, it’s you, you get better. Do not touch please trucks model, not yours, it’s path.
    Maud that posted in this topic deserves a shame. It is disrespectful to the players.

  5. Please fix skins pixelation:
    It is very ugly and can be seen on either skins from different authors regardless of resolution.

  6. vanhaii21

    por favor creen el nuevo freightliner cascadia

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