Freightliner Century & Columbia С 120 v3.7 1.43 ATS

Changelog v3.7
Updated for 1.43.
Added to orders agencies
Removed part of the rolls from Freightliner Cascadia 2018. (left an exclusive option).
Added new transmission options to the truck configuration.
Updated engine selection icons with subsequent addition of engine options Detroit diesel series 60.
In the convoy mode, you need to check, unfortunately I could not do this in mind the absence of those who want to test the mod.
Small fixes and improvements.
Added fire extinguishers to the back of the cabin (chrome).
Some accessories became removable
ATTENTION!!! For lovers, ask stupid questions, see the screenshot of the recommendation of the installation order of obligatory mods (allocated red)
Fashion are in the description of the version for ETS2
And much more, look already in the game yourself …
All a pleasant game!

Sold in Freightliner.
2 Cabs – Century & Columbia
9 chassis
Own sounds
Support DLC Cabin Accessories, Sisl’s Mega Pack
Support cables
Support for animation windows

Alexander Sentyakov, Schurik43rus, Renenate, SCS, Dark Lord, Virat8 (BluePrint Mods). The authors of the sounds of engines were not indicated, they are known to everyone. The mod is the alteration of the author’s from Alexander Sentyakov


7 thoughts on “Freightliner Century & Columbia С 120 v3.7 1.43 ATS

  1. hola soy nuevo por a qui

    1. Alexander Sentyakov

      Sorry can’t understand you

  2. ATS // Freightliner Columbia Tuning Mod [1.43]

  3. Hello,
    Is it possible to add the different cabs for the columbia? Like the daycab and the smaller sleeper?

  4. Hey Alexander, is it possible to make the short mid roof version for a 3.9 version?, Thx for the mod : )

  5. yesman191


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