Freightliner Cascadia v0.8 [1.50]

Important informations
– This mod does not replace any SCS models
– ATS 1.50 Tested

This mod adds:
– 3 Cabins
– 3 Chassis
– 9 Interiors
– Antennas, Badges, Lamps, Beacons, Bumpers, Exhaust, Hoods, Mirrors, Sensors, Rearlights, Deflectors and more..
– Customized truck dealer

Version 0.8:
– New hood remodeled
– Improved hood mirrors accessories
– Side door screws accessories
– New backplate accessories
– 116inch sleeper 48
– New fueltanks accessories for the daycab variants.
– Engine label quality improved
– Deflector AeroX/Xs now have fiberglass texture inside.
– Deflector AeroX/Xs have new brackets options
– Chassis decals improved on PolyFir chassis
– FlowBelow Aero mudflap now supports PolyFir chassis.
– New short hood filters accessories
– Default SCS color skins now supports 116inch
– Reworked PolyFir Studios paintjobs

PolyFir Studios


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