Freightliner Cascadia ADL Skin

This is a skin is of a real trucking company based in Maryland called ADL. A you tuber by the name of Johnny B Good drives this truck, for ADL, to various parts of the country. He has a YouTube channel you can subscribe to under JBG travels. He has many subscribers as I am one of them. He’s just a regular guy driving his truck and talking normally. He doesn’t even curse or anything. So you can play his channel on you TV in the living room and relax with the kids around. I like that since I’m a father of two little ones.

I enjoyed painting this truck and I want to share this with the virtual trucking community. Shout out to Johnny B for working hard and enjoying what you does best. I look forward to watching your videos. Shout out also to T-Rex for the introducing me to this guys you tube channel and showing the video off. Click the link below. This is my second upload with more coming.

This skin was tested on ATS v1.5 (map re scale). Freightliner Cascadia by Solaris36. ADL Skin by Spawning Salmon.

Spawning Salmon


7 thoughts on “Freightliner Cascadia ADL Skin

  1. Hey. Thanks for the skin. I like jbg travel videos.but is there any another mod for see freightliner cascadia in ai traffic?

    1. Spawning Salmon

      I’m not sure how to make this show with AI traffic. Sorry.

  2. Tristan Doran

    Awesome truck skin Spawning Salmon. I’m sure JBG would be delighted that ‘Baby Blue’ has been immortalised in digital form. My simulated OTR experiences will be that bit more epic :)

    If you have the time or inclination, ‘Old Granny’ would be a really nice addition :D

    1. Spawning Salmon

      OK. Now is that another truck in the ADL fleet. Shoot me a picture of her and we’ll see.

      1. Tristan Doran

        I’m pretty sure it is. JBG was driving an orange Peterbilt 579 while Baby Blue was being fixed in a shop. He christened the Pete ‘Old Granny’. It is his bosses tractor unit. You don’t have to do up a skin if you don’t want to though :)

  3. Oscar Borrego Paradis

    The front bumper isn’t painted on this truck, but good work.

  4. ###! I love watching his videos thank you.

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