Freightliner Cascadia 2018 v 4.4

Version adapted for ATS v1.30
Including trucks for quick jobs
Acquire at Volvo Dealers
San Francisco – CA
Las Vegas – NV
Tucson – AZ
Farmington – NM

Felipe Conbar, Kirk


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38 thoughts on “Freightliner Cascadia 2018 v 4.4


    thank you friends finally we can enjoy the freightliner cascadia 2018 for ats last time I had problems with the mod and now let’s hope it works

  2. TheGreatSimulator

    HD Video 1080p + Realistic Graphics

  3. unfortunately, most problems with the other 2018 cascadias still exist within this one. For example, the lights above the windshield that are supposed to be amber, are still white. There are very little exhaust pipe options, not many realistic fender options, still only the 6×4 chassis (which just doesnt even work with the daycab option), the rear tail lights are very dim, and the shadows are still messed up. However I do think that the texture for the truck is perfect. Would be good to see these issues addressed.

    1. Also, the kingpin sits a little high, especially when you’re pulling a flatbed

      1. I noticed that as well

  4. Dude, fix your link. It’s broken! When I go to download the file it says “NO FILE”! Please upload it on another website (e.g. mediafire or

    1. Dude, get wise. That’s sharemods’ way of saying TRY AGAIN LATER. Happens when too many people want to acquire it at the same time.

    2. Felipe Conbar

      lol you have issues on your end, the mod created has zero issues

    3. brother, copy the broken link and paste it into another google tab, I just did it and it worked, I hope I have helped :)

  5. chow says.

    Buys it in Edmonton, Alberta British, Farmington, New Mexico, Las Vegas, Nevada,
    San Francisco, California, Tucson, Arizona and Texas.

    1. R & T Trucking

      @TraxLord94, Checked out your video, 1 Question Please How do you get the interior accessories to work? I have SiSL’s Mod…

      1. TraxLord94

        I created my own separate Mod with SISL accessories, & added the freightliner folder to my Mod, so that way I don’t edit the original Modders files. I do this to most of my the trucks I download & love.^^

  6. Marcus Borges

    the link does not work

    1. Try again, it does, sooner or later

  7. Biggest piece of #### mod. Why can’t there be a modder that actually takes pride in their work and makes sure there are zero errors before releasing it?

    There are zero 2018 Cascadia truck mods worth anything.

    1. Like you?

    2. R & T Trucking

      You have a Mod Conflict then, I run quite a few Mods & I have Had “NO ERRORS In the Log” from this Truck Mod, The BEST 2018 Cascadia to date!!! Thanks Guys!!

      1. Not really. When I test mods, I test them on the profile I don’t usually use mods on, so its the only active mod. Looking back at the log, its really just one error repeated on every part (Other than missing part menu icons, this stuff probably just needs ported over from ETS2)

        00:03:29.201 : [dx9] Texture (texture_nmap) not found in material (/automat/d4/d47a0c7601065ac3.mat) – requested by (/effect/eut2/_shd/0eac43a03f6b4a06df02cb42b452df77.sm3x.fso)

        1. Felipe Conbar

          you have outdated mods that’s conflicting with my mod. Just delete them and use my mod and you’ll be fine, really

          1. Nope, the truck was the only mod activated when testing.

          2. Well, the truck and Habdorn’s CNG trailer. Those were the only two mods activated when I was browsing the truck through the truck browser.

          3. Also, taking a look in the texture folder within the mod, and looking at the referenced mat file, the file names in the mat are not the same as what’s in the texture folder.

            For example: /vehicle/truck/upgrade/frente/cascadia_2018/textures/lights_mask.004.tobj does not exist within that folder.

            There is a light_mask.003.tobj, and the game is also expecting a “texture_name[3] : “texture_nmap”” for what I assume is a light on the truck.

            I’m assuming you don’t have the mini console activated while testing parts in the game to make sure there’s no errors?

          4. Ok, I’m dumb… I was looking at the wrong texture folder when looking. Either way, the game is looking for a texture that isn’t in the mat file(s)

          5. ATS Trucker


          6. Sent Tom a link to this truck where I fixed as many things as possible (mostly adding the missing stuff from ETS2). Asked him to share it with you so that you can probably fix the other stuff that I mentioned to him. I believe I have it down to a total of just 5 errors.

  8. Wow+mod.+Need+more+powerful+engines+boss+n+more+modifications

  9. Need more big engines with more power. The mod is gud u nid to continue n improve yo work

  10. Dude, really, is it that hard to upload your mod on another website?! It’s almost 2 days and the sharemods website is still saying that there is NO FILE at that address! No matter what browser I’m using!

  11. ATS Trucker

    Works Fine for me I just checked it on 3 different Mod sites, You must have something else going on dude!

  12. nice truck … wish the daycab could be fixed and the passenger side mirrors are a little blurry and maybe a simpler interior and original fenders but overall i like it

  13. Thank you, I downloaded this last night but was too busy driving it to leave a comment. This is a beautiful truck and drives great. I have a ton of mods and it doesn’t seem to conflict with them. It may not be 100% perfect but it will do nicely until perfect gets here. The imperfections that I noticed are very nit picky and are more of a wish list for changes then an imperfection. Other versions I’ve tried really were undriveable. Thank you for this awesome version.

  14. scania_dragon

    Link broken!
    downloaded from other site and tested. Much faults and things without function.
    Please fix it all!

  15. Kermit Meister

    I was having the problem of “No file” when trying to download this truck. But I remembered that it’s been awhile since I have cleared my browser history and all.
    After doing this, I went back to download this and it worked. I have the file in my mod folder. This may or may not work for those of you. Give it try of clearing browser and see if the link works for you.

    1. It worked mate! Thanks for that solution! ;)

  16. amigo el camion lo puedo usar como carga rapida pero nose donde comprarlo ayuda, no me aprece el consecionario

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