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Freightliner Cascadia 2018 v.3.9.1

Date 2017-02-27 20:07

Buy truck at Peterbilt Dealers, don’t buy online in game it’ll crash
Note! to make the new enginesound work buy first lower HP ISX engine and than 1 of the new engines
Respect original Download link
Have fun!

Edited by Felipe Conbar
Standlone and anim by Frank Brasil
Viper 389 v2 Chrome fenders by Tom Dooley
Skin by Freddy Jimmink and Jozef Stewowe
3 new Engines added by Freddy Jimmink


Comments (29)

29 Responses to Freightliner Cascadia 2018 v.3.9.1

  1. rewesewwasd33

    Not Work Mod (!)
    Steam version game!

  2. Crashes my game when I try to buy it. And I tried to buy it from a shop and not online.

  3. crashes the game instantlly!

  4. just one question:do you guys or guy test the mods before release?test not,just try to run it…

  5. Freddy Jimmink

    We test Always our mods, but we’re human and mistakes can happen, for some people
    it won’t work, so here is a reworked version: http://sharemods.com/gk9ji2lyb3cc/cascadia_2018_ATS_1.5.x_vers._3.9.1.rar.html

  6. Vadiv

    Does it still need Aradeth’s VNL to work cause I have a crash?

  7. Tavares

    Crash, Crash,Crash

  8. Francis Drake

    I wish the thing would quit showing up on the mod pages. It’s ####, never works and crashes the game.

  9. Freddy Jimmink

    For me it works without Aradeth’s VNL

    Please try this link when the game crashes:

  10. Jose

    It crashes in the dealer fix please

  11. Ramon

    It would be nice if it would work, and doesn’t crashes

  12. Freddy Jimmink

    Already send new link,is waiting for approval from admins

    Or contact me on facebook by typing my name: Freddy Jimmink

  13. Devin

    i wish yall would just scrap this truck and re do it correctly…….got my hopes up for nothing

  14. scott

    Same problem you go to the dealer and it crashes

  15. Jose

    Can you fix it I love this truck

  16. Man Ching Chow

    Same problems you+went+to+the+dealer+and+it+crashes.

  17. Freddy Jimmink

    Thanks we’re working on solvong Your problem

  18. mod don’t work
    in trucks gallery Pete 389 instead of it…. (with no other mods)

  19. Francis Drake

    The updated link (after the fix). STILL CRASHES with no other mods install. Please for the love of God and all that’s holy, please quit posting this truck!

  20. Freddy Jimmink

    I am testing the Cascadia update and in all my 5 profiles the Cascadia works when the the Aradeth’s VNL and a VNL780 by Frank Brasil active in game, Than the Cascadia works without any problem.

    Still behind the scenes we’re working to solve all problems with the Cascadia.

    For some disrespectfull people: We’re totally NOT impressed of Your threath’s and blabber mouthing!

  21. rene

    guys its another euro concept #### truck …

  22. Mike

    Well, after all the distributions of this truck, I have finally go this mod to work with all my mods enabled. I made this truck top priority, then Aradeths Volvo, then VNL780 by Frank, then all other mods. The only thing im running into is The SCS Pete 389 Will have fog lights where the roof lights are and are colored in red like it has material missing. Other than that, this mod is currently working fine on my end so far

  23. Mike

    As of now, this mod does not work for the current ATS 1.6 Update

  24. RSGTLG

    It’s working for me! It crashed one time at the Dealer when I went back to customize it, Then I put it at the TOP of the mod list & since then I’ve hauled 4 loads with it & No problems!!

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