Freightliner Cascadia 2018 v. 3.7 ATS


New update of the cascadia 2018 by conbar who was with error when
entering in the company to make the purchase. now with new bars,
original front and pintavel, in optional item levels exclusive skin
and engines.


Buy at Peterbilt dealership.

Converted to ATS by Freddy Jimmink

Note: I only converted the mod so don’t put the blame on me! (Rag n Bone Man)


32 thoughts on “Freightliner Cascadia 2018 v. 3.7 ATS

  1. Версия игры какая скажите пожалуйста?

  2. DAVID0897

    That does not work on ats is for ets2

  3. Game crash

  4. It DOESN’T work. Crashes the game while trying to buy it online and at the dealer.

  5. Apache141

    Still crashing the game

  6. James Duguid

    game crashed even with out other mod’s

  7. The Next in line


  8. Freddy Jimmink

    Game is running smothly with and without other mods.

  9. Freddy Jimmink

    Mod works in with and without other mods perfect.

    1. Ramon Doenen

      mod doesn’t work on 1.5.3s with or without other mods.

    2. It does not… as I wrote above.

      1. Ramon Doenen

        Do you have any other mods active?
        Because my game crashes each time I want to buy it.

  10. it doesent work still crashes the game.

  11. renenate12

    the trucks sucks needs alot of work ….

  12. pure disappointment…..coming from a cascadia driver :\

    re do it…

  13. does+NOT+run…fresh+clean+profile…+NO+mods….Current+ATS+1.5+puplic…I+also+tried+it+with+the+Aradith+Volvo+mod+as+well+no+luck+at+all+no+matter+what+i+do…


  14. DAVID0897

    Have to download volvo vnl

  15. DAVID0897

    Thanks works very well

  16. I took all other mods out except Aradeths Volvo VNL 670 so would be able to get to Volvo dealer which according to author is the location of this truck. I went to Volvo dealer and truck was not there at all, and when I tried to go to Kenworth dealer game crashed. When I restarted the game and tried to go into Peterbilt dealer game crashed. I do not know what has been done to the mod but can not see it and game is crashing to desktop. Freddy there is something wrong with this truck with too many people having trouble. I have done a lot of mod testing before I even add other mods to game folder so I do know what I am doing.

  17. Freddy Jimmink

    That the truck needs work is already known by the authors. But less till no response. Maybe a modder is willing to do that, but i sincerally daubt a link will be provided in future…….

    In the discription above is written “Buy at Peterbilt dealership”

    In OpenGL the game can crash.

    I will provide a link of my personal reworked Freightliner Cascadia: I removed all skins because they all need rework ’cause of the new model.

    You can find me by my name on Facebook or

    Please let me 1 thing! I am/was only converted the mod, and it seems i am the only 1 who tries to help.

    For Vadiv: I am not the person who is faking!

  18. Freedy thanks for providing the link but its still crashing on my end.

  19. Chris Asmundson

    aww hope this works again soon i was using it before the live patch and loved it.

  20. Freddy Jimmink

    Maybe the older version works

    1. I tried to new and old version, like everyone, it crashes the game

  21. Can anyone create the international trucks LT Series or the Lonestar ?

  22. Does+not+work+with+ATS+v.+1.5.x.+Tried+it+on+2+different+profiles,+get+same+errors+in+game.log+file.

  23. Well, kinda fixed it – though not completely. Beware of extensive customization, I discovered missing mats and weird parts all over this thing. I’d consider it rather 0.3.7, surely not 3.7.
    Main problem for crashing was missing camera storage definition at /def/camera. Also, the wheels… well, I just deleted them wholesale since some overwrote standard parts and I had fiddled for almost an hour, getting impatient.
    Anyway, try at your own risk, may boom down CTD or not, but on my rig I have it more or less stable now. Btw is there a template anywhere to download?
    Here’s the link to my “fix” – feel free to enhance it further:

  24. Wim Frencken

    He Tom, off if you cant repair it
    stop with it sucker

  25. Game Crash even with no other mods

  26. Wim,
    So why don’t you do a better attempt at it? Oh, sorry, you were busy wanking off about being such a ######. Else you wouldn’t call anyone trying to help names.
    Crawl back under the rock where you hide until you can do anything productive.
    You are are pathetic.

  27. hey+bro+this+truck+doesn’t+work+for+ATS..+i+try+all+off+your+update+for+ATS+and+none+of+them+works..+it+crash+the+game+going+in+the+dealer+and+online..+for+now+i+gave+up+with+this+truck..+please+fix+it+i+really+want+to+try+it+out+and+i+saw+others+use+it…+well+i+guess+am+going+to+try+it+for+ets+2

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