Freightliner Cascadia 2018 – Ultrabald Edit

Freightliner Cascadia 2018 for ATS 1.31.x

Original model by Felipe Conbar
Air cables by Jesse Burton
Cleaning, rearranging and dashboard by galimim
Re-build by UltraBald

-Lots of accessories
-Cabin DLC compatible
-Left mirror fixed
-XT cabin rear window tint corrected
-Other bug corrections

Ultrabald, galimim, Jesse Burton, Felipe Conbar


12 thoughts on “Freightliner Cascadia 2018 – Ultrabald Edit

  1. i love te truck and intirior please make him up to date to 1.32

    1. UltraBald

      It’s a typo error. I has been tested and works perfectly in 1.32

  2. UltraBald


  3. Traxlord94

    Great truck, but the mirrors need re-adjusting.

    1. UltraBald

      What adjustement does it need ??? Mirrors work perfectly, look at the screenshot !

    plz fix

    1. Update your game man. Mine is working perfectly. Great job mate. This is one of the best truck mods added in some time here.

  5. Very good job! :-)

  6. crahes when you change the left mirror version

  7. simon lee

    what lights are we to use for headache racks ???

  8. PitbullTasja

    I can see where remarks come from for mirro left side on thetruck itself not adjusted or needing re adjustment : i can not see what is coming from behind, it is looking/mirroring from the sides, other trucks you can see if one comes from behind passing you, with this one it doesn’t work that way.

    So yes i would say as well re-adjust the mirrors so people can see like they do with other tucks : what the beep comes from behind? it is the reason why i do not use this mod cause the mirror confuses me

  9. RG Truckin'

    If you guys have ANY other truck mod like this DELETE it & This mod works Perfect! Mirrors & all!!!! Thanks for the Mod Man!

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