Freightliner Cascadia 1.30.x



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Buy it at PETERBILT dealership.
Adaptation to 1.30.x ATS game version.
1 gamelog warning. Fix in progress. Do not affect to mod work properly.
SiSL Megapack addon INCLUDED.
You need SiS’L megapack to have all the cabin accessories available.
Custom plate addon available.

Enjoy it. :-)


CyrusTheVirus, Slamauser, Jon_Ruda, Sergej Baltazar, Solaris36, Mandy, Kriechbaum.

DOWNLOAD 81 MB [dl-file]
DOWNLOAD 81 MB [Sharemods]

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37 thoughts on “Freightliner Cascadia 1.30.x

  1. Could you please improve the interior ? It needs some polishing IMO. At least better textures if you can’t modify 3D models.

    1. CyrusTheVirus

      Better textures and more poligons means loss fps. All people haven’t powerfull pc. Regards.

      1. I get this point but this Cascadia interior is under SCS’s quality level, obviously.

      2. Hi, Cyrus i really like the look of your work but i can’t use it for some reason it crashes my game every time even with no other mods is there another file i need to download to make it work. This is not a problem i just hoped to use this mod.

  2. I don’t know why this guy keeps wasting his time locking his files when my friend has no problem unlocking them for further modifications, I think it’s funny as hell

    1. CyrusTheVirus

      Well, it’s my time, not yours. Your friend must think this is a copyrighted mod and cannot make it public. Regards.

      1. Lol my friend does not think it’s copyrighted, tell you what, I’ll make it public

        1. CyrusTheVirus

          Users, characters such as this mentally retarded are the culprits that each time there are fewer new mods, since the work done is belittled in this way so cocky and arrogant. The modders see their work stolen everywhere and decide not to work more publicly. Regrettably. Slayer72, keep it up, you’re doing well.

          1. RazorsharkMike

            Don’t let this joker get under your skin. Thanks for all your hard work within the ATS community.

          2. Personally I could care less if you share anything else with the community, the whole idea of sharing mods is so people can check them out and if there’s a way to improve them then so be it, so, if you wanna keep locking your mods we’ll keep unlocking them, there’s no reason to lock them, if you don’t want them messed with then don’t make them public, point blank, there is no argument here

        2. Sergio M.

          So because Slayer72 steals mods from authors makes him a better modder, when in reality, he doesn’t have the talent to do mods himself. So poor and desperate he is.

          1. Agreed. Its no wonder fools like Slayer72 and his “friend” want to make easy money by stealing mods. I wouldn’t be surprised if his PC gets hacked and flooded with ransomware, maybe viruses.

            Sorry that your reputation is tarnished by losers, CyrusTheVirus. Your work is amazing.

          2. I don’t “steal” mods from authors, I unlock mods that authors think they’re slick by locking them, there’s a difference, so before opening your mouth know what the hell you’re talking about

          3. Hey Zed, even if all that did happen to my computer it wouldn’t matter, I have all the unlocked content uploaded to my cloud accounts anyway, so nice try lol

  3. SuchManor

    Will any other cabs ever be made for this truck? As well as increasing the sizeof the truck itself maybe? The size compared to other trucks makes the Cascadia look small, unlike the real life version.

  4. Scarface6733

    Regradless cyrusthevirus the mod is ###### if you can’t make a correct interior and have low polys then you don’t belong in the modding community and heres a rant this mod was stolen and updated from someone else you was not the creator of the 3d model at all mod thief’s pieces of shits

  5. Will there ever be a 2018 version of this truck?

  6. Slayer72, the definition of a talentless user who does nothing but steal other author’s work. And his friend is nothing more than a has-been as well.

    1. Agreed. ###### like Slayer72 here show no respect to authors’ hard work, including CyrusTheVirus. All he ever does is steal in order to make a small buck for greasy fast food. Wonder what happens if his account and his PC got hacked, which will be karma at its finest.

      1. Wonder what happens when your computer gets hacked and virused, I’m a lot smarter than that, I build/upgrade/repair PCs on a daily basis, so is that all you got?? Nice try LOSER, and who said anything about stealing mods from authors to sell them, you are just ignorant, these mods aren’t worth anything cause as pointed out earlier CyrusTheVirus stole them himself, so you tell me who’s stealing ####, all I’m doing is unlocking stuff that he thought couldn’t be unlocked, that’s not stealing anything since he put the “stolen” mod public, he’s no better than me and what I’m doing at this point. #TRUTH

  7. hi+cant+i+edit+the+paint+jobs?+i+need+a+password,+thxs!

  8. Thanks for the mod Cyrus! Great truck. Also, are you planning to update the ai truck mod you did? I’m getting an incompatibility issue in the mod manager with the latest update

  9. CyrusTheVirus

    Well gentlemen, here they advise me to do all my private mods, that I enjoy them nothing more. Well look, thanks for the Slayer72 advice, maybe I will …

  10. CyrusTheVirus

    Sorry, google translate this xD

    1. TruckersParadise

      CyrusTheVirus I am writing you this to say thank you for all the work you have done i appercaite all the mods you have done from the Mack Ultraliner to the Cascadia and the International and the give me more trucks mod makes my ATS much more brilliant to play dude if I could mod I would nehow but keep up your good work buddy…. Hehow Cryus could you please get hold of me at [email protected]

  11. Actually the first author for this mod is Solaris36 he took time when he modded this truck I wish he could do another one

  12. CyrusTheVirus – My advice is indeed to go private and ONLY distribute mods to those who support you and that you trust. That is what i do with all of my mods. For me mods are only available to those who are Patrons and Donors to my stream. I enjoy your work enough to rather see it only in the hands of those who are worthy of it.

  13. Lincolnimp

    will you put the paint template with the mod please so I can skin it?

  14. VeteranTrucker

    CyrusTheVirus I am+writing+you+this+to+say+thank+you+for+all+the+work+you+have+done+i+appercaite+all+the+mods+you+have+done+from+the+Mack+Ultraliner+to+the+Cascadia+and+the+International+and+also+the+give+me+more+trucks+mod+makes+my+ATS+much+more+brilliant+to+play+honestly+dude+if+I+could+mod+I+would+but+I+wouldn’t+know+the+1st+thing+about+it+plus+I+arnt+got+the+patience!!+Find+it+hard+enuff+every+time+SCS+update+the+freggn+game+to+try+n+find+mods+that+work+again….Also+Faelandaea+I+havent+tried+your+mods+plus+I+wouldnt+have+the+$$+to+buy+them+or+support+you+nehow+but+keep+up+your+good+work+buddy….+Hehow+Cryus+&[email protected]m+if+you+have+the+time…Also+Slayer+I+Rebuild+&+Repair+computers+as+well+plus+do+virus+removal+and+networking+etc+etc+I+do+not+know+you+or+Cryus+but+what+I+do+know+is+if+you+wont+to+unlock+trucks+&+release+them+then+target+those+pricks+at+RTA+that+wont+$$+for+there+truck+mods+instead+of+targeting+people+that+do+them+for+people+like+me+so+it+makes+the+game+more+enjoyable…Othwerwise+happy+truckin+people+and+keep+up+the+good+work+Faelandaea+&+Cryus+and+take+no+notice+of+these+ungrateful+fukin+people+that+think+there+####+dont+stink:) Fukin human verification put a + between all my #### cose i got the phrase wrong im sure a robot would type all of what i did……..

    1. Yeah I hate this site for that. What i do is after I get done typing I copy my text to clipboard. If I somehow get the CAPTCHA wrong, I see the pluses and just delete all and paste what i had copied. These comment boxes are moronic when it comes to the CAPCHA … which SHOULD be disabled for those of us with an actual account here.

  15. VeteranTrucker

    Cheers for the advice Faelandaea and yeh the captcha is as pain in the ### just another one of lifes bullshit lol….. As I was saying I have used Cyrusa mods for the past year now and I take my hat off to him plus yourself for making mods and posting them so people like myself can enjoy them but THEN again you get ungrateful bastards that whinge n whine about how a mod is #### and how its got defects and also how they steal mods from others people should just keep there opinion to themselves I have never used any of your work b4 Faelandaea but would like to see what mods you have as for your mods Cyrus keep up the good work buddy as I havnt had a prob so far with your mods for ATS + ETS2 and DA HATERZ …. Plus if you arent got nething nice to say about a mod then keep it to yourself ……

  16. I would like to propose a feature that I think would be very useful for some players.
    The old school trucks don’t have the gear indication on the dashboard. For those who use an Xbox 360 controller like me, it’s difficult to know which gear is without using the game display.
    Is it possible to add a gear indicator to the shift knob? That way, we could see the gears shiftyng without taking the originality out of the panel. For the most of the trucks, gear shift levers do not appear on the standard field of vision.
    Could this be added as a cabin accessory?
    What do you think?

  17. Roadmaster93

    This truck seems to be ´very good and looks awesome from the outside but could you please rework the interior…It’s the only thing holding me back from downloading it again. I understand that you want to keep it to keep the performance impact as low as possible, but it’s not not looking good compared to the other trucks out there.

  18. mortal monk

    it is asking for password how can i get the password..???

  19. Thanks for keeping this mod updated.
    Like many here I just want to ask you to rework the interior though

    Also, you should consider creating a post for your mods in SCS’s forum, you would get much better feedback, rather than this bunch of ####### complaining about everything

  20. TruckMaster

    Problems with optimisation: about 15 or less FPS with this truck. Cold you make Sisl’s addon pack removable and make tuning (lightbars and grillbars, tuning) optional?, and make optimisation for low PC’s? Thank you

  21. Need update for v. 1.31

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