Free Camera

work in multiplayer and singleplayer
Work with every Version

How to use:
Go to
Documents American truck simulator
config file to delete
Replace it with downloaded file
and start game…
activation by prees 0
moving truck by press F9
Set by press 4 5 6 9 3 8

Jacob & scs


4 thoughts on “Free Camera

  1. I have no clue what this is supposed to do. If I press f9 it puts me under the truck. I’m looking for a camera that you can move to any position while the game is running, not just in photography mode. This does not seem to do that.

  2. Serena Dior

    I don’t even understand how to install it…
    Could you be a bit more detailed in your explanation ?

  3. 1. @Ralloh you move with the 8 4 5 and 6 keys on the keypad to the right of your keypad (some keyboards don’t have it, you can’t use it in that case)
    2. @Serena Dior Rather than downloading this (which if done incorrectly could permanently break your game), sinply go into your Documents folder. Then go to your “American Truck Simulator” folder. Scroll down and find “config.cfg”. Open it in notepad. Press Ctrl+F and type in “free_cam” and hit enter. It should highlight that line. It should say “g_free_cam “0”” on the line. Change that 0 to a 1. Then, press ctrl+F again, and this time type “console”. It should again highlight a line. There should ba a 0 somewhere in that line; Change that to a 1.

    I hope that helps, do NOT download this, as it could potentially harm your game is also, quite frankly, useless.

    1. Serena Dior

      I’ll eventually try that thanks for your answer anyway.

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