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Ford F150 SVT Raptor v2.0

Date 2016-08-06 19:58


V2.0 Changelog:

– Corrected physic
– Corrected weight
– Corrected tank size/consumption
– Corrected data
– Corrected mirror error
– Corrected tachometer indications
– Corrected winshield tint
– Corrected some prices
– Removed unnecessary files
– Reduced file size
– New Skins
– New Wheels
– New Tuning parts

Big thanks to Elaman for his work on tuning parts.


Open the archive with Winrar 5.xx or 7Z and extract Ford_F150_SVT_Raptor.scs.
Delete the previous version in your mod folder and replace with this one.

Elaman, Matroskin, Crazy Squirrel, FH, Mahad110


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14 Responses to Ford F150 SVT Raptor v2.0

  1. lupin

    va benissimo il ford raptor svt ma il serbatoio tiene 177 litri sono pochi e fa solo un metro scusa lo potete cambiare con un serbatoio che tenga 500 litri cosi fa molta strada

    • Mahad110

      No. I made this according to real F150 data. Knowing that I cheated a bit because the real tank is 135L (Mine 171L – 45Gal).
      It is a vehicle which consumes a lot in real life and do about 500 miles is very correct and rather realistic.

      So for the last time not bother to ask to have a 500L tank, it is unrealistic.
      Keep in mind that this is a big engine that consumes a lot.

      • lupin

        ford raptor stv e bello e veloce ma serbatoio non va bene ha pochi litri come ti ho detto poi sono rimasto a secco x colpa del serbatoio,

  2. French Canadian #######


  3. Turby

    Your speedo is in KPH should be MPH nice work on mod tho would like the Mack updated tho :P


    When I download the Mod, the File is empty and i have Fail Message…

  5. Hello, Can you please fix the road reflection on the glass? And mirrors do not work. They show black reflection. Thanks…

  6. mack

    please make also drivable toyota tundra and/or tacoma pickup

  7. Cray Driver

    This is frikkin awesome mod – you can get this baby halfway up the mountains! Only limit is the actual map textures end, and you fall off the map and have to call for service to come and rescue you. Love it. I was driving like an ##### and crashed it a lot, ended up costing me about $2000 per mile – totally worth it :)

  8. Zoey Zay

    Why does, the back bumper vanish?…. when you add the service tuning part? just odd.. seeing no back bumper can you fix this in a future update?

  9. John

    can some one make a ford f 350

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