Ford F150 SVT Raptor v 2.5


V2.5 Changelog:

– Updated for ATS v1.31
– Corrected truck_dealer error
– Corrected blinkers errors
– Corrected beacon errors
– Corrected physic errors
– Corrected police beacon pattern errors (not perfect but can’t do better)
– Corrected Kawasaki Racing skin
– Added wiper_delay
– Added shadow under the truck in truck_desktop
– Removed somes old ETS2 files
– baked_model error, can’t be corrected now (sorry)
– Reduced .scs file size, significantly smaller weight

BUG : none ! If you find some bugs, tell me in commentary.


Open the archive with Winrar 5.xx or 7Z and extract Ford_F150_SVT_Raptor.scs.
Delete the previous version in your mod folder and replace with this one.

Mahad110, Elaman, Matroskin, Crazy Squirrel, FH


10 thoughts on “Ford F150 SVT Raptor v 2.5

  1. Itz_Zenith

    Bug: Police beacons cannot be turned off.

  2. I don’t have engine sound, how to fix it ?

  3. The truck is very well modeled, but there are things that can be improved. For example, the engine sound is redundant, annoying and very unrealistic. There should be an option to be able to remove both the front and rear license plates. The steering wheel shouldn’t have that red band in the middle, it’s annoying and totally unnecessary. And finally, there is a bug with the rear-view mirrors, only wheels and lights are visible, the rest is invisible.

  4. this mod isn’t working, keep carshing eveytime i try to customize it .

  5. gooood

  6. Maria Andrea Coronel Torrado
  7. WOLF_NiGhT

    Keep crashing if i try to customize it.

  8. Jaqueline_Québec

    Make my game crash when i want to spawn

  9. Please update it for 1.37. Eagerly waiting for this. Please please please…….

  10. Gustavo Medina Martínez

    muy buenioos

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