Ford Crown Victoria

Hızlı Amerikan severlerin hoşuna gidecek olan Ford Crown Victoria yayında!
Kendi sesi
Gerçek motor ve şanzıman ayarları
İç animasyonlar
Gerçekçi iç ışıklandırma
Ve daha fazlası…
Aracın izinsiz editlenmesi, linkin değiştirilip paylaşılması yasaktır.

Own sound
Real engine and transmission settings
Detailed interior anims
Realistic interior lightning
And more…
It is forbidden to modify and share the vehicle without permission.

Model: Driver: San Francisco Edit & Convert: Metehan BİLAL


15 thoughts on “Ford Crown Victoria

  1. Klei_Mouka

    What dealer is this on?

    1. yannick (RoaDKiLLeR70)

      i found the crown vic at the peterbilt dealer

  2. Very beautiful model, it is just a shame there is no visible driver and ATS physics don’t work well with cars

    1. dutchgamerdude

      mainly it being a truck game and not a car game but i get the frustration.

  3. Works fine for me in ATS….

  4. need skin police and light bar too

  5. The driver is hanging about 10 feet below the car… Literally.

  6. whats the chance of putting beacon slots in front grille and inline across the roof from left to right? maybe some by rear plate? it would be fun to use as an ###### vehicle or just to pretend cop or something. its a great mod just needs tuning!

    1. yannick (RoaDKiLLeR70)

      there are plans to make that possible and they are already there the person who made them only need to do a resize for the crown vic and needs permission from the owner if that happens sooner or later they will be available for the crown vic as well some liveries police fire EMS Security and other kind of liveries

      we need to wait for the permission

  7. Great! Just 1 Problem for me.
    Unable to make any repairs in services department.
    I tried.
    It works for me.

    1. same problem

  8. a bunch of modelers and myself like to put some addons to the vehicle since its a modification of the vehicle we need permission by the owner of the mod the other modeler is Timon 30 and myself Roadkiller70

  9. dragonslayingmaster1000

    Update to 1.34 please. Also the cars sound so weird and not like a crown vic at all but interior is great.

  10. Oobixiehard

    I have downloaded it put it in the mod folder, however it isn’t working i dont know why, if someone knows how i could get it working, please tell me

  11. tophacker

    Oobixiehard, activate her in mod manager.

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