5 thoughts on “Ford Crown Victoria 2012 V5.5 1.46

  1. I see you still havent fixed those real lights. Why is there only little dot when it’s on?

  2. *rear lights

  3. also wipers dont work at all. Im testing this car in ETS but I suppose it’s the same.

    1. Hi,
      Most of these updates for such old mods with issues are only to make them work with minor fixes. It does not make sense to fix major issues in such old mods.

      Certain mods has been shortlisted and will be remade from scratch.

  4. Procommand

    Downloaded it and I loved it. The driving of the car, interior and backs seats are actually good and not too bugy. I also could hear the lowkey V8 roar when I was speeding or even normally drivng at 70 mph.
    What I would say is that it would be better if you fix or add option to change the rear lights, since its only dots.
    Other than that, I would recommend you to add more interior accessories to make crown vic interesting. Such as, adding various GPS devices, adding little toy cars? or changing wheel.
    Overall, I give 8.5/10. Nice work.

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