Ford Aeromax for 1.38

The mod adds Ford Aeromax truck to American Truck Simulator 1.38. It’s “dead mod”. You can update it for everyone and give him a second life!

I’m adds to this mod:
Some elements of interior
Steering wheels from “SCI Steering Wheels” DLC
Windows, wipers and dashboar animations correction
Left window camera view correction

Vladislav Williams (original truck author), Robin Good


5 thoughts on “Ford Aeromax for 1.38

  1. I’m LOVING this truck! Thank you so much!

    I love that there’s no built-in GPS; I find the default trucks have the GPS too low in there so I have to take my eye off the road longer than I like to see it and using something like SISL’s mods then gives me too many GPS units to look at and I get confused and disoriented.

    So for that reason, this truck is perfect.

    I do have one issue though, and I only mention so that you can improve if you wish to.

    At night time, my game is SUPER dark and I can’t see the needles on the tachometer or the speedometer which makes it a bit tricky to maintain proper speed; I compensate by bringing up the route advisor which I don’t like but it’ll do for now. I’d really like to see lighting on those needles.

    Maybe a clock somewhere as well though I’m sure there’s a SISL mod for that; I’ll have a look.

    Thanks for a great truck! It’s my new favorite :)

  2. the game crashes when I press the I key

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