Ford Aeromax | Fixed for 1.39 ETS2/ATS

=====Siebel3D Changes=======
-Fixed Def files to work properly in 1.39 with sound

The truck has high quality interior and exterior models.
The textures are baked.
Some interior elements
Requires SCI Steering wheels DLC mod
Correction of animations for windows, wipers and dashboard indicators
Correcting the camera image from the window on the left
Support for some elements from SiSL interior mods
Requires SiSL Mega Pack

Vladislav Williams, Siebel3D


10 thoughts on “Ford Aeromax | Fixed for 1.39 ETS2/ATS

  1. Hamish Kay

    Hey there i love the look of this mod i downloaded it 5 mins ago and i its in the mod manager. But i cant find it in the preffered truck design. How do i make this work

    1. Garnet McGahey

      is your game updated to 1.39?

  2. Do I really need paid DLC to use this truck now?

    That’s REALLY ######…

    1. Paid DLC (Colorado) has nothing to do with using the truck. Update 1.39 does. If you are running 1.38 or a lower. Update to 1.39 or it will not work in ATS.

  3. trinity014

    Nice truck. Only issue is that the tachometer is off by about 400 RPM. When the truck tach reads 1900 RPM, SDK is reading about 1500 RPM. Otherwise great mod.

  4. Its a great truck. I like it but the engine sound is not working for me. When ever I start the engine there is no sound and when I accelerate there is still no sound.

  5. good mod i love aeromax you can make the skin for him ?

  6. how do i get it i can’t find it HELP ME

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