11 thoughts on “Flat with Sacks of Cement

  1. SmellyCat

    Red parts appears like a missing decal texture….

    1. scania_dragon

      … and cargonames only in spanish or portuguese ? No thanks!

  2. Open plana_con_cemento_ATS131.scs\def\cargo\trailer_side.trailer_side.sii
    Replace line name: “@@cn_cement@@”

    1. scania_dragon

      I should replace the cargonames ? NO, never!

  3. Sergey Noesmalo

    I was tested it and it’s worse than I expect…
    Mod totally useless…
    And it also alters the original game, so it’s worse to have it activated than not to have it …
    What a piece of #### …

  4. ken howard

    What school did you go to? Ammonium Nitrate is not Cement!!!
    And the texture names have been flipped over in the 2nd picture, what a rubbish mod.

    1. Lol what’s your problem? This mod works perfectly fine! You must have outdated mods with you.

      1. ken howard

        The mod works OK, but, that is not what I stated, you fool!!!!

        Ammonium Nitrate is not CEMENT!!!!!!!!

        The words are back to front on one side of the load, what do you not understand about that, this is an amateur job, get it sorted out!!!!!

  5. Ammonium Nitrate is fertilizer.

    1. @Ken howard – Then you guys complain why there are no mods for ats. Chill out, there a way to ask for things, especially free things like mods.

      1. ken howard

        But, these folks have been doing mods for ages, if they can’t do a proper job now then we will still be getting rubbish for the rest of this year, next year and the year after that, is that what you want???

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