10 thoughts on “Fix for Truck Kenworth W900L from Big Bob v 1.0

  1. Does anyone know how to get noise to work on this truck?

    1. You probably have to buy a engine to make it work!!

    2. 66lwmorgan

      I can’t get to work without crashing so your doing better than me.

  2. game crash

  3. 66lwmorgan

    It still crashes as of 5-15-2018

  4. ATS Trucker

    These people updating other Modders Mods to 1.31 is just not working & the Cables wont work either! It might work if Big Bob updates it himself! Modders just quit keeping their own Mods updated.

  5. Zack.Spenneberg

    It’s a nice mod.

  6. Crashes the game

  7. you gotta have the last big bob mod in it along with the fix mod for it to work…but im still haveing no sound issues

  8. Add Cables Please!!!!!!!!!

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