Fix for Taina95’s AI Traffic Mods Pack v 0.5


I’ve put together a mod to fix missing textures and def errors. Couldn’t work out how to fix the brightness of lights though, will update if I do.


Ai Traffic Pack Mod v0.5 By [Taina95]Def.scs
Ai Traffic Pack Mod v0.5 By [Taina95].scs


Fix for AI Traffic Mods Pack by Taina95

* Add missing textures
* Fix def errors about speed etc

Tested against version 0.5 on ATS 1.0.0

Please merge these changes Taina95! ;)

SavageCore, SCS, Taina95

DOWNLOAD 43 KB [sharemods]

5 thoughts on “Fix for Taina95’s AI Traffic Mods Pack v 0.5

  1. thamk you :-)

  2. TruckSimFan

    Will this work along side JazzyCat’s AI Traffic pack?

  3. @TruckSimFan : i play it with jazzys mod to…no problems !

  4. SavageCore

    New version:

    Change log:

    Remove textures (they’re now fixed as of v0.8)

  5. A lot of ###### european cars…

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