FFB Plugin for (G25, G27, DFGT, etc) v 2.4


Look readme inside the archive!

Euro Truck Simulator 2 + American Truck Simulator: force feedback plugin (version 2.4) for Logitech steering wheel controllers with 900 degrees rotation range (G27, G25, Driving Force GT).

Completely replaces the feedback in the game

System requirements:
1) Euro Truck Simulator 2 v 1.17 or higher, American Truck Simulator v 1.0.0 or higher.
2) Logitech controller driver + Logitech profiler software installed
3) Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2012 (x32 & x64)

Installation for ATS:
Download archive and extract all files.
Put .dll и .ini into the specific folder (!x64 only for ATS!):
American Truck Simulatorbinwin_x64plugins.
If “plugins” doesn’t exists – just create it there. If plugin located correctly – you will see warning game message about third-party applications. In the game.log.txt you’ll see information about plugin initialization.

Author: Supric


6 thoughts on “FFB Plugin for (G25, G27, DFGT, etc) v 2.4

  1. Will this fix the “floaty” feeling of the cab and the excessive oversteering?

  2. При запуске игры вылетает ,пробовал переустанавливать игру ,не помогло . Пробовал подключать SDK позже через консоль ,так же вылетает при подключение. visual c++ установлен .

    1. Уже разобрался не работало из-за “VJoy”,отключил его и все заработало.

  3. is there any animation mod like for ets2`?

  4. Fuel consumption isn’t working. When i switch the led setting 5, all leds are on but never change. How can i fix this? Or can you fix it?

    1. Nevermind, my bad. It says “average” consumption, i looked at instant consumption. If you can do this led mod for instant consumption, it would be great.

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